7 Best Time to do Online Shopping

As the times went by, things changed. All activities can now be done easily, this includes shopping. If shopping by legs may feel a little tiring, this is now not a problem. In fact, shopping is an activity that can be done online. You can meet the needs to buy various favorite products easily for 24 hours.

Not only easy, online shopping can be very profitable. Moreover, if you know the best time to shop online. If shopping at the right time, you can get quality goods at super low prices. Moreover, promos and discounts offered by online stores are quite many.

Shopping online at certain times can be the best choice you can do. Because you can enjoy various special offers up to big discounts. How to do it effectively? Here are some tips.


Buy at Payday

The best first time to shop online is the payday date. Why? Because in this period is usually the online stores give the best discounts and deals at payday. If you're planning to buy a particular product, we recommend checking its availability on the payday date promo at various online stores.

If you are lucky, it is not impossible to get the product you want with a super cheap price. In addition, you must also have to map your expenses well. Do not get tempted by massive discounts, you can buy many products that are not really needed. Try to buy a product that is a priority.


Online Shop's Birthday

SSo far, how many online stores do you subscribe to? If it's a lot, it's best to note the date of its birthday. Because online stores usually hold attractive promos to tempting discounts to celebrate their birthday. Especially if you're a loyal customer, you can get a more special discount.

Online stores, especially large ones, will not miss their birthday moments. Therefore, make sure you record the date and do not miss the celebration. If you can get a favorite product at a low price, why not right?


Flash Sale

Flash sale becomes another best time for you who want to shop online. If you want to get a quality product with a friendly price, you can take advantage of the flash sale event to get it. Although the flash sale is very tempting, the time of flash sales is usually uncertain. Therefore, it is important for you to keep updated with the latest information. Monitor the activities of the best deals in your favorite online stores to avoid missing the flash sale event since you have to be fast.

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Ahead of the holiday, almost all online stores do a 'war' in discount. Whether Hari Raya Lebaran or Christmas Day, attractive discounts certainly are certainly tempting. For those of you who want to buy new clothes for Eid or gifts for Christmas, do not let this get away.  Various products that you need, ranging from gadgets to home appliances, you can get them with a super cheap price at the time of holidays.


Day of Independence of RI

Usually, online business will intensively conduct activities at national holidays, especially the moment of independence. In this moment of independence, you can find various products priced at super low price from various online stores. This is one of the best times for you to buy at online stores. 

Prepare your gadget or laptop to make an order. Determine the product you want to buy in advance and monitor its availability in online stores so that this shopping moment is not missed.


End of year

The end of the year is the best time for online shopping that you should not miss. This is certainly because before entering the new year, the seller is obliged to spend the stock or clearance sale/washing the warehouse.

Therefore, be prepared to buy a variety of products that you may not be able to buy earlier by the end of this year. Moreover, products sold at the end of the year are usually offered at super cheap prices. These items are usually still in good condition. 


National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas)

For you who like to shop online, chances are you are always waiting for this one event, the National Online Shopping Day. Harbolnas is always anticipated, especially in the last few years, since this event becomes an annual event in Indonesia, and is always tempting. Because of best deals presented at this event.

The regular agenda of online business people held every December 12. Your favorite item can be discounted at this time The event was first held in 2012 and this will usually offer a massive super discount that is worth to wait. Discounts usually reach 80-90 percent. 

You can get many things you want with these strategies in online shopping. From gadget to fashion, from daily needs to monthly needs. Various other products such as phone credits to hotel and restaurant vouchers can be bought at these times either, with an amazing price.

If you want more profitable online shopping activities, make sure you consider the 7 best times above. Want to shop online more easily? Just use Danamon Online Banking which will facilitate your shopping activity. Happy shopping!