5 Things You Need To Think Before Buying Your First Car

Having a new car is a dream for everyone, especially those who have family. With car, you can bring your entire family for a weekend holiday. You can save time and cost, it will be helpful especially if you still raise a toddler. With your own personal car, you can travel with kids and family easier. However, to buy a new car, you need to prepare pretty big budget.
To buy your first car, you need to be very careful. You have to discuss with your partner before buying a car. To avoid loss, here are five things you need to do before buying a car.

1. Set a budget and stick with it

When you buy new car, there are few things that related to payments to take care about, such as the full car price, monthly installment, car tax, and car insurance. You should decide from what kind of car do you want, the production year, machine power, and gasoline use. Those are some things that actually affect car value and price. You should set a budget and stick with it.

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2. What do you need? What you don’t need?

Before buying a car, you should consider the purpose of that purchase. Is it for family comfort? Is it for daily commute or business purpose? If you need a car for a family, you should take minibus type. If you need it for a business, it’s better to take box or pick up type. You should not consider your ego or only follow a trend. You should pick a car according to your need and purpose. 

3. Test Drive

Test drive is important to understand pro and cons from your future car. Usually, car dealer will give you around 30 minutes to do test drive. Here, you should watch car size and baggage capacity, and another technical stuffs such as transmission system, machine acceleration, to handbrake. You should also try to park your test drive car in multiple parking position, so that you can understand how to park them in the limited parking space. 

4. Find out how much others pay for the car

For first time car buyer, looking for complete car information is very important. You need to understand many type of cars, which one has better quality according to your need, and all of their pro and cons. You should also find out how much other people pay for similar car. This will be useful so that you can find better car dealer or seller with better price.

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5. Consider maintenance 

Last but not least, you should consider how much do you need to spend for maintenance. If you are able to maintain your car, its machine and body will be in great condition even after many years. Watch out when you should change your oil, radiator water, and transmission maintance. Whether manual or automatic car, usually car maintenance will chunk up your budget.

If you buy new car for daily commute, you should pick car that consume fewer gasoline. You can also use Adira Finance Danamon to help you buy new car. It will be easier, fun, and beneficial for you.