Don’t Miss Out on a Chance to Taste These 5 “Jaman now” Foods

The world is changing at a rapid pace these days, including the culinary trends. In Indonesia, the culinary trends keep evolving, which results in various food innovations. People who work in the culinary industry seem very eager to create more creativity for the culinary fans. If you notice, every time a food becomes a trend, people will label it as “kekinian” or “jaman now”.
These “jaman now” foods are not the ones to be missed. They have different unique tastes that will make you ask for more. Are you curious? Check these out!

Celebrity’s “jaman now” foods

More and more celebrities are making their ways to the culinary business. From Nagita Slavina to Laudya Cynthya Bella, these local celebrities are opening their own cake stores with different brandings. Some of them are Bandung Makuta by Bella, Gigieat Cake by Nagita, and Brownte by Arie and Fenita. There’s also Syahrini’s Bandung Princess Cake that’s to die for.

Taichan satay

Satay is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia. But these days it’s quite hard to find the original satay because of this “new” satay called taichan. Taichan satay is actually similar to the original satay since both are made from chicken meat. However, unlike the original satay that has brownish color because of the coconut sauce and the grilling process, taichan satay’s meat is white.
Taichan satay is also not served with coconut sauce. Made from chili, taichan satay’s sauce will give a hot sensation in your mouth. So, if you’re a fan of spicy foods, taichan satay is perfect for you.

Salted Egg Chicken

This food is very popular amongst millennials. Salted egg chicken is actually a fried chicken breast, but it’s served with salted egg sauce. This sauce is what makes the chicken taste more delicious. Most people eat salted egg chicken with rice and a sunny side egg. It’s a perfect comfort food for when you feel hungry but also want to try something new from “jaman now” foods.

Foods with mozzarella cheese melt

Do you like cheese? Chances are you already know about all these “jaman now” foods that are served with mozzarella cheese melt on the top. These foods have become a huge hit and thus generated many fans. You can easily find a steak with mozzarella topping, mozzarella fire wings, and even crushed chicken meat (ayam geprek) with mozzarella topping.
So, if you’re a mozzarella fan, this food is not the one to be missed. It’s perfect to enjoy all these mozzarella foods with your friends or family. It will certainly make your stomach full and lift your mood with its delicious mozzarella cheese melt.

Sweet potato balls

Another “jaman now” food that you would not want to miss is sweet potato balls. Used to be known as a cheap street food from Bandung, now sweet potato balls are quite popular. Just like the name, sweet potato balls come in a round shape—like a ball! It doesn’t have any filling inside so the texture is quite light. 
When you take a bite, the sweet potato balls will leave a sweet taste in your mouth. More interestingly, this food also comes in many toppings besides the original. Some of them are chocolate, cheese, and icing sugar. No wonder that sweet potato balls have become popular these days.

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