4 Tips to Plan a Spontaneous and Comfortable Trip

Spontaneous things sound very fun and adventurous. But there are times when they tend to go the wrong way and make you feel uncomfortable. This also applies to spontaneous trip. That’s why even though a trip is supposed to be spontaneous, you still need a thorough planning beforehand. In fact, you need to more careful so that nothing bad happens. So, if you want to go on a spontaneous trip, here are four tips to make your trip comfortable.

1. Traveling during weekdays, not weekend

Most people travel on weekend, but that doesn’t mean you should follow the trend. There’s no rule that says that traveling on weekdays is less fun than if you do it on the weekend. In fact, going on a spontaneous trip on weekdays will make your journey more comfortable. Not only does the plane tickets are less expensive, most holiday destinations will not be as packed as on the weekend. This way, you will have a more relaxed holiday. Your body and mind will be refreshed and your natural body charge will be back to 100%.

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2. Try open trip or share cost trip

If you want to go on a spontaneous trip but your budget is limited, an open trip is the perfect solution. If you join in an open trip, you must be willing to go on a trip with other people—sometimes people you don’t even know. There are many open trip services in Indonesia. These companies offer trips to many destinations on scheduled periods. One trip usually has maximum quota of participants.

What about share cost trip? Both open trip and share cost trip offer a joint model of traveling. However, share cost trip has a different payment regulation. Open trip provides a detailed payment since the beginning, but in the share cost trip, the total expense are shared equally when the trip ends. The amount of expense can vary depends on the agreement between the participants.


3. Book your flights in 24 hours before departure

Your trip can be spontaneous, but you still have to make sure that you have your plane tickets available at least 24 hours before the departure. This way, you will have a peace of mind because there’s already an assurance that you’re going on a holiday. Also, if possible, it’s best if you choose a holiday destination that is still within your reach. 


 4. Prepare yourself for something unexpected

It’s very likely that there will be some unexpected things happen during your spontaneous trip. Even if you’ve planned your trip very carefully, chances are you will still have to deal with certain unexpected things. That’s why you need to be mentally prepared so that you can handle them properly. Unexpected things are bound to happen during a holiday trip, so don’t let them ruin your mood.


Spontaneous things don’t always have to be horrible. When it comes to traveling, spontaneous things can lead you to exciting adventures that you never expected before. So, make sure you prepare yourself for this spontaneous trip. Keep in mind that this experience will create something memorable that you will remember for life. Besides, these four tips will make your spontaneous trip go well and comfortable. To make sure everything goes smoothly, you can use D-Bank Danamon that always understands your needs.

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