5 Holiday Destinations for Long Weekends in 2018

How many holiday destinations have you ticked off of your bucket list last year? If the number wasn’t as many as you desired, now is the time to fulfill every dream on your bucket list! Besides, 2018 offers many long weekends. You can check your calendar if you don’t believe us. There are at least four long weekends you can use to go on a fun holiday. Just click here to find out more about the long weekends schedule in 2018 and pick one that desires you the most.

Now that you’ve picked the date, you can choose the holiday destination to visit. No need to go abroad because these five amazing places in Indonesia will rock your long weekend holiday. Check this out!

Strolling around Banda Neira while listening to Banda Neira’s music

In Maluku, Banda Islands, there’s this beautiful town called Banda Neira. Some of you might remind this town of a local folk music group with the same name. Banda Neira has so many interesting holiday destinations that you can explore during the long weekends. One of them is an active volcano called Banda Api, which you can reach from Neira Island using a small boat for 10 minutes.

Once you arrive, you will be greeted with clear, white clouds that will remind you of cotton candy. If you stand at one of the mountain feet, you can clearly see the local residents around you. The other side of the mountain foot will give you a breathtaking scenery with its millions of greeneries.

If you’re lucky, you can meet various endemic birds in Banda Api. Not to mention the flowering plants such as orchids and nutmeg trees. Also, don’t forget to visit the beautiful beach in Banda Neira with its breathtaking view.

And I turns out that some of the world famous people such as Mick Jagger and Lady Diana have visited Banda Neira. Our national heroes, Mohammad Hatta and Sjahrir, once said that they had fallen in love with this place. So, why don’t you go to Banda Neira and see all the beauty yourself?

Exploring sea in Weh Island

Most of you already know about the beautiful sea view in Raja Ampat, Bunaken, or Seribu Islands. But, if you’re a sea person and you want to visit a rather non-mainstream place, Weh Island is the place to go. It could become a perfect destination for your long weekend holidays in 2018!

Located in the northwest of Sumatera Island, Weh Island offers a breathtaking beach view with its clear, blue sea. Without having to snorkel or dive, you can even see a group of fish swimming under the surface of the sea, such as blue tang and long-nose butterfly. Not to mention the colorful coral reefs that will make your holiday in Island Weh become memorable.


Beach hopping in Sumba Island

Bali is not the only island in Indonesia that has dozens of beautiful beaches. You can also go on a beach hopping activity in Sumba Island. Located in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Sumba Island has so many amazing beaches that could complete your long weekend holidays in Indonesia.

One of them is Walakiri Beach in East Sumba. When the sea starts receding, the sand area on the beach will appear more extensive so that you can play there with your friends or family. You can even explore the mangrove area in Walakiri Beach. It will be best if you visit the place in the afternoon so that you can enjoy the sunset.


Camping Activity in Argopuro Mountain

If you’re more of a mountain person and want to enjoy your long weekend holiday in a quiet atmosphere, camping in Argopuro Mountain is the perfect choice. Please keep in mind that you will need at least five days and four nights to climb the mountain. FYI, Argopuro Mountain has the longest hiking track in Java.

Once you arrive at the top of the mountain, all of your struggle will be worth it because the view there is to die for. There are three peak areas on Argopuro Mountain, all of them is still located in Jember, East Java. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare your gears and let’s hike!

The Kingdom of Butterflies in Bantimurung National Park, South Sulawesi

Only located 1-2 hours away from Makassar, Bantimurung National Park has become a home for 100 kinds of rare butterflies from around the world. No wonder that many people call this place as the kingdom of butterflies. Besides butterflies, you can also visit a waterfall and a butterfly museum in this national park. You will have amazing holiday experience here!

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Whichever destination you’ve picked, we hope you will have a wonderful holiday. Don’t forget to share your holiday pictures and tag us at @myDanamon on Instagram. We want to feel your excitement, too!