2 Creative Business Ideas for Rainy Season

Anyone can start a business, wherever and whenever you are. Even during the rainy season. A business idea usually comes up when you realize that someone or other people out there are in urgent need of certain products or services. But, there is not enough supply to fulfill that high demand. On rainy season, people have different needs. And these are business ideas you can try to fulfill those needs.

Shoe Laundry Business

If you think that washing shoes are easy, there’s a chance you have only washed one type of shoes. Because, in fact, there are so many shoes with many different types out there. For instance, there are shoes made from canvas, leather, synthetic, mesh, nubuck, suede, and primeknit. Not to mention the 3D printing laser shoes that are produced by Adidas, the famous sports apparel company from Germany. Since there are many types of shoes, they will need different treatment, too. For example, let’s say you have a pair of suede shoes. You’re not supposed to clean your suede shoes with water since it can create damage. So you can’t just soak the suede shoes in a bucket of water. There are certain tools and chemical liquid you could use to clean them.

Imagine if you bought your shoes for millions of Rupiahs and you don’t treat them properly. Your shoes will most likely end up with damaged material and faded colors. You really don’t want that to happen, do you? And most people don’t as well. That’s why a shoe laundry can be a perfect business idea, especially during the rainy season since people’s shoes will need more cleaning during this season. To build this business, you can start by reading as many tips and tricks articles as possible on the internet, watching tutorial videos on YouTube, and finding other reliable sources.

If you don’t believe that a shoe laundry can’t make a great business, type the name “Jason Markk” on Google. He’s an owner of a successful shoe laundry business in America. He charged his service from $10 only, depends on the shoe condition itself. Since the business was launched in 2007, Markk has washed thousands of pairs of shoes. He also sells special brush and chemical liquid for people who want to clean their shoes at home. Markk’s business is very popular in America. The shoes cleaner products are sold in more than 200 stores and 30 countries.

You can also find many similar shoe laundry businesses in Indonesia. One of the most popular ones is Rockikz, a shoe laundry service owned by a Saint Loco member, Iwan Hoediarto. He first started the business by opening a kiosk in Pasar Santa. But now he already expands his business in other Jakarta areas as well as some other cities. Besides offering a shoes washing service, Rockikz also provides services for shoes recoloring, shoes customizing, and other personalization services.

Jason Markk and Rockikz are great examples of how shoe laundry business can be your perfect business idea. All you have to do is just keep learning about the many types of shoes and how to wash and treat them properly. If everything’s ready, you can promote your business using social media. To make your first sales, offer a special promo to your first 5-10 customers. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to help you promote the business.

Car Wash with a Café

Besides dirty shoes, another struggle most people face during the rainy season is the dirty cars. Meanwhile, not all people have that much leisure time to wash their cars. You can provide a solution by starting a business of car wash. However, since there are already many car wash services available, you need to add a special value to your own car wash business. You can build a café inside your car wash area with comfortable facilities.

A café inside the car wash area allows customers to wait comfortably while their cars are being washed. It’s a very promising concept, yet there are not many such car wash services available in Indonesia. In the café, you can add some facilities to make your customers comfortable, such as providing a Wi-Fi access, PlayStation box, or relaxation chairs.

If you’re really interested in building a car wash business, you can learn from Car Spa Café, one of the most successful car wash businesses in Australia. They offer various car washing services ranging from the express, interior only, to special services for fancy cars. Besides that, they also have a café inside the car wash area. In the café, customers can order various menus of foods and drinks. So, they can hang out with friends or family while waiting for the cars.
To help you attract customers, you can approach vehicle communities in your city. Give them a special promo and ask them to promote your business. If possible, you can also make your car wash area as a base camp or meeting point for the community. This will increase your engagement and help your business become more human.

However, in order to start the business, you’ll need fund. And this is where the problem usually emerges because most people don’t have enough money to start their business. But, you don’t have to worry because Danamon Solusi UKM is ready to help. From a capital to build a brick and mortar shop or start an online business, Danamon Solusi UKM is able to give you a loan starting from 500 million IDR to 20 billion IDR. So, what are you waiting for? Start your business right now!