FlexiMAX Savings

It's time for you to take control of your business opportunity by maximizing every rupiah you make. Take advantage of every FlexiMAX Savings feature and enjoy a variety of financial benefits. With a minimum balance of Rp50 million, the Savings FlexiMAX makes it easy for you to make transactions and provides 9 financial benefits, including:


With a minimum balance of IDR 25 million, FlexiMAX Savings makes it easy for you to make transactions and provides various financial benefits, including:

  • Free monthly admin fee. Valid for customers with a minimum average saving balance of IDR50 million on the current month.
  • Free cash withdrawal fees, check balances, online transfers with ATM Bersama, PRIMA or ALTO networks (maximum 25 times / month) if the effective / available balance is in the customer's account before a minimum transaction of IDR 25 million.
  • Free overseas ATM cash withdrawal (Cirrus/Maestro).
  • Compelling interest rates.

Daily Balance Tiers

Interest Rate

(% p.a.)

< Rp50 million


>Rp50million < Rp500 million


>Rp500 million < Rp1 billion


>Rp1 billion < Rp2,5 billion


>Rp2,5 billion < 5 billion


>Rp5 billion < 10 billion


>Rp10 billion < Rp15 billion


>Rp15 billion < Rp30 billion


>Rp30 billion


Interest rate :

Interest rate can change at any time according to Bank policy,

and will be informed through branches, websites or other media

deemed appropriate by the Bank within the period according to statutory regulations.

Interest rates may vary at any time due to bank policy. 

  • Priority access in bank branches for customers with Danamon Privilege or Ultimate Debit/ATM Card.
  • Free access to executive airport lounge by using Danamon Privilege or Ultimate Debit/ATM Card.
  • Free daily bank report via fax (Hello Danamon-IVR).
  • Business Card with special features for selected customers.
  • The latest financial transaction features.