Danamon Save Saving

Danamon Save Saving, the Smart Way to Manage Financial for Various Needs 

Danamon Save Savings is the new product by Danamon, a special savings for individual customers in Rupiah that provides the ease in managing financial for various needs, whether it is for monthly expense or long-term needs, through multiple sub-account feature called Danamon Save PLUS. 

Danamon Save Savings consists of two savings products:

  1. Danamon Save Savings
    The account that serves as the main savings of Danamon Save and at the same time functions as the account for transactions.
  2. Danamon Save PLUS Savings
    Accounts that serve as additional accounts for plans or financial goals. This account serves only as a savings account (cannot be used for transactions), and you can create up to 20 Danamon Save PLUS accounts. Funds contained in this account can only be used if the account is closed.

Enjoy the many benefits of Danamon Save:

  1. Free online transfer fee between banks via BI Fast (max. 20x per month if balance before transaction minimal Rp1Mio). 

  2. Free monthly admin fee. 

  3. Free cash withdrawal through ATM  with ATM BERSAMA/ALTO and PRIMA network (max. 20x per month if balance before transaction minimal Rp1Mio). 

  4. Relatively high interest rate for relatively low amount of savings balance (through Danamon Save PLUS). 

  5. Convenience for customers to open additional accounts (Danamon Save PLUS) up to a maximum of 20 additional accounts.

  6. The customer is free to arrange the savings plan, to achieve the customer’s financial goals by determining the time of debiting and the monthly/weekly savings timeframe.

To own a Danamon Save Savings account, customers can open an account by choosing the following ways:

  1. New to Bank Customer: May open Danamon Save savings through D-Bank Registration application or by visiting the nearest Danamon Branch.

  2. Existing Customer: May open Danamon Save savings through D-Bank application, Danamon Mobile Banking or by visiting the nearest Danamon Branch.

Interest Information:

Danamon Save Account

Danamon Save PLUS Account


Interest Rate


Interest Rate

< Rp 500.000

0.00% p.a.

< Rp 500.000

2.75% p.a.

≥Rp 500.000 - < Rp

0.10% p.a.

≥Rp 500.000 - < Rp 10.000.000


0.25% p.a.

≥Rp 10.000.000 - < Rp 25.000.000

≥Rp 25.000.000


  • Interest rate may change at any time according to the Danamon’s policy with prior notice to the customers.

  • Interest calculation method: tiering progressive

  • The interest calculation mechanism uses daily interest calculations, made upon daily balances and daily interest, and are calculated from the beginning of the month to the end of the current month and credited to the account at the end of the current month.