Program Referral Rekening Tabungan Jemaah Haji

The General Terms and Conditions for the RTJH Referral Program (Program General Terms and Conditions) apply to customers who take part in the Jemaah Haji Savings Account (RTJH) Referral Program (Program) organized by the Sharia Business Unit of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. (Bank).

The customer hereby agrees and binds himself/herself to all the following Program General Terms and Conditions.

This program provides Ujrah / Referral Fees for third-party Bank partners who successfully refer newly opened Jemaah Haji Savings Account (RTJH) through Bank Danamon.

The program is valid from 1 April until 31 December 2023 (Program Period).

Third parties who can participate in this Program refer to: individuals who hold an active Bank Danamon savings or current account and have accomplished a referral registration form provided by the Bank along with a referral code; and non-individuals such as KBIH (Kelompok Bimbingan Ibadah Haji), cooperatives, companies, travel bureaus and others who have entered into a cooperation agreement with Bank Danamon.

  1. Program participants are entitled to a referral fee worth Rp 300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand Rupiah) for each Jemaah Haji Savings Account (RTJH) that has been successfully opened with an initial deposit worth Rp 25,000,000 in a Bank Danamon branch.
  2. A successfully opened account should be verified through a validation number obtained by the RTJH customer from SISKOHAT, Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.
  3. Bank Danamon employees cannot participate in this Program.
  4. The account resulting from the referral program refers to a Jemaah Hajj Savings Account which is owned by the referred customer who opened the account during the Program Period. The account has a corresponding code that identifies the referring party registered in the Bank's system. Each referring party, who holds either a cooperation agreement or an accomplished individual referral form, has a validation number issued by the Integrated Hajj Computerized System (SISKOHAT) from the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.
  5. Ujrah / referral fees to referring parties are issued once a week. This period covers successfully opened new RTJH accounts during the previous week.
By participating in this Program, Customers will get the following benefits:
  1. Receive Ujrah / referral fee from the Bank; and
  2. Guarantee for customer referral to obtain the pilgrimage portion number.
Provisions of this Program may change any time according to the policies set by the Bank. Any changes in provisions will be informed via the Bank's available communication media.
There are no charges for customers to participate in this Program.
  1. KBIH Al Munawir refers prospective pilgrims who wish to register through Bank Danamon.
  2. After successfully meeting the terms and conditions, KBIH Al Munawir receives Ujrah / referral fee from the Bank.
  1. Other terms and conditions related to products and/or services at the Bank, as long as those are not regulated differently in the General Terms and Conditions of this Program, are declared to remain valid and binding on the Customer and shall become an integral part of the Program General Terms and Conditions.
  2. These Program General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions for Accounts and Sharia Banking Services of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk which can be accessed via
  3. The provisions of each product and service refer to the Bank’s applicable provisions.
  4. The Customer hereby agrees and acknowledges that Bank Danamon has the right to correct/amend/update the Program General Terms and Conditions. Any changes/amendments/updates to the General Terms and Conditions of this Program will be notified via Bank Danamon’s available communication media. In the event that there are changes to the benefits, risks, costs, terms and conditions based on the Program General Terms and Conditions, the Customer has the right to submit a written objection to Bank Danamon within 30 (thirty) working days starting from the date of notification of the change by Bank Danamon through its communication media. The Customer agrees that Bank Danamon will assume his/her agreement and compliance with these changes in the event that he/she fails to submit objections within that period. If the Customer disagrees to these changes, then he/she has the right to cancel participation in the Program by first settling all his/her obligations to Bank Danamon (if any).
  5. The Customer declares that transactions have no indications of money laundering and/or other transactions that are prohibited under Indonesian laws and regulations.
  6. If there are reported indications of fraud, deceit and/or transaction irregularities, Bank Danamon reserves the right to cancel the transaction, program participation or issuance of rewards to the corresponding Customer.
  7. The Program General Terms and Conditions follow the provisions of laws and regulations, including those of the Financial Services Authority regulations.
  8. For 24-hour information or complaint services, please contact Hello Danamon at 1-500-090 or e-mail
  9. PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, which is a member of the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).
Customers should take the necessary precautions against fraud committed by unauthorized individuals acting on behalf of Bank Danamon who promise rewards in any form. All forms of fraud or other deceitful acts committed by other parties/third parties associated with, or on behalf of the Program, are beyond the authority of Bank Danamon.