Program Danamon Agent

Want to make extra income? Join Danamon Agent, refer Danamon's mortgage products to your friends and family, and receive a commission of up to Rp 50 Million!

Danamon Agent Community Channel is an Alternate Channel enhancement from the Member Get Member Program of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Bank Danamon") which applies to all individuals from various professions through a "Danamon Agent". The Danamon Agent can refer friends / family / relatives to take Bank Danamon's mortgage products and is required to fill in the data / information correctly and according to the Danamon Agent Community Channel membership E-Form, to be submitted to Bank Danamon. All individuals can register themselves through the Danamon Corporate Website (DCW) and meet all the requirements as stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions of this Danamon Agent Community Channel on who are entitled to participate and earn commissions from the development of this channel.

1. Limit of incoming applications from Danamon Agent to Bank Danamon is 31 December 2023.
2. The limit for commission disbursement from Bank Danamon to Danamon Agent is 31 January 2024.



  1. Danamon Agent membership is valid for all individuals from all types of professions and can refer friends / family / relations to take out KPR Secondary, KPA Secondary, Take Over, Take Over + Top Up, and KMG Bank Danamon facilities in the Community Channel.
  2. Danamon Agent membership is not valid for all permanent employees of Bank Danamon. 
  3. The referred prospective debtor ("Referral") must not be an existing mortgage debtor of Bank Danamon. 
  4. In Community Channel, a Danamon Agent is allowed to refer themselves as a referred debtor
  1. Complete the Danamon Agent Referral form
  2. Complete the Danamon Agent referral form with the data of the prospective customer you want to refer.
  3. Send the form to : Danamon KPR Sales Team or email to
  1. To become a Danamon Agent, the candidate must register by completing the E-Form through the Danamon Corporate Website or by scanning the QR Code from the Danamon online platform (Social Media, Email Blast, etc.) which is routed directly to the Danamon Corporate Website.
  2. When registering, the Candidate Danamon Agent must read, understand, agree, and digitally sign by ticking the approval of all terms and conditions contained in the Danamon Agent registration e-form. 
  3. Danamon Agent in providing referrals must follow the mechanism set by Bank Danamon.
  4. Danamon Agent guarantees that it has obtained written consent from the referral to provide data and/or information to Bank Danamon and Danamon Agent will be fully responsible for lawsuits, claims, demands, compensation, from other parties including Referrals related to the provision of Referral data to Bank Danamon.    
  5. Danamon Agent guarantees that all data and/or information provided is correct. If in the future it is found that the data and/or information provided is incorrect, Danamon Agent will be fully responsible for all lawsuits, claims, demands, compensation caused by Danamon Agent's errors / omissions.  
  6. All data and documents provided by Danamon Agent become the property of Bank Danamon so that Bank Danamon is not obliged to return them.
  7. The Bank has the right to reject the Referral given and inform if based on the analysis conducted does not meet the terms and conditions of Bank Danamon.
  8. Danamon Agent is not allowed to transfer Danamon Agent status to any party for purposes other than providing referrals and other things that are possible in the Community Channel.
  9. If there is one referral name that is referenced by several Danamon Agents, the Danamon Agent who is entitled to a commission is the Danamon Agent who first refers based on data that has been submitted to Bank Danamon and meets the terms & conditions of the Community Channel.  
  10. Danamon Agent can make referrals for Secondary KPR, Secondary KPA, Take Over, Take Over + Top Up, and KMG facilities.
  11. Commission from Community Channel Danamon Agent cannot be combined with other referral programs (Referral program Developer, Broker, etc.)
  12. The debtor's credit analysis process is adjusted to the applicable provisions of Bank Danamon


  1. The commission amount given to the Danamon Agent once the Referral has been approved for a credit facility by Bank Danamon and disbursement has been made is as follows:



    KPR/KPA Secondary

    Take Over

    Take Over + Top Up


    0.50% x plafond yang dicairkan

    *Disbursed credit facility is calculated based on total loan per referral (per CIF)
  2. The maximum commission payable to the Danamon Agent is Rp 50,000,000 (fifty million rupiah) before tax and the minimum referral booking volume is Rp 250,000,000 (two hundred and fifty million rupiah). 
  3. The commission paid does not exceed the income of the Provision fee (conventional) / Administration fee (sharia) paid by the customer of 1% of the disbursement ceiling. 
  4. Commission will be paid maximum 5 days after the referred customer is successfully disbursed.
  5. Commission will be credited to the Danamon Agent's Account at Bank Danamon 
  6. Commission tax is borne by Danamon Agent
  7. If the Danamon Agent is a sales staff of another bank, the Danamon Agent is not allowed to refer customers from the database where the agent works.
  8. If the customer does not recognize / is not aware of referral by Danamon Agent, Danamon Agent agrees that the commission will not be paid.
  9. Danamon Agent is willing to return the commission if there is an error in commission payment
  10. Bank Danamon reserves the right not to pay Danamon Agent commissions if Bank Danamon finds a violation by Danamon Agent of the general terms and conditions of the Community Channel and Bank Danamon policies and applicable laws and regulations.
  1. If there are questions, concerns and complaints related to the Danamon Agent Community Channel, the Danamon Agent can file a complaint in writing via e-mail:  
  2. In the event that a complaint is submitted in writing, a Danamon Agent must attach a copy of the Referral evidence and other evidence to support a complaint.
  3. Bank Danamon will conduct an examination / investigation of Danamon Agent complaints in accordance with the policies and procedures applicable at Bank Danamon.
  4. Procedures and mechanisms regarding Customer Complaint services can be accessed through the website
  1. Other terms and conditions that are tied to facilities and / or services, if not regulated otherwise in the general terms and conditions of this Community Channel, shall remain in force and bind Danamon Agent and form an inseparable unit. 
  2. If there is a change in the terms and conditions related to this Danamon Agent Community Channel before the change is made, Bank Danamon will convey the changes to Danamon Agent through the contact entered at the time of registration with due observance of applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Any dissemination of content by Danamon Agent, whether promotional or other matters outside the provisions of Bank Danamon, will be the responsibility of each Danamon Agent.
  4. If in the future it is found that there is a leakage of confidential data of prospective debtors due to the dissemination of content by Danamon Agent, then the losses incurred will be the full responsibility of Danamon Agent and Bank Danamon is released from all claims / lawsuits from prospective debtors or other related parties.
  5. The powers of attorney in the terms and conditions of the Community Channel will not expire as long as Danamon Agent still has an active membership status as Danamon Agent.
  6. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Community Channel, prospective Danamon Agent binds itself to all the terms and conditions of the Community Channel by stating that Bank Danamon has provided an explanation of the entire mechanism of the Community Danamon Agent.
  7. PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. Registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and is a participant of the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) guarantee.
  8. The terms and conditions of the Community Channel Danamon Agent have been adjusted to the provisions of laws and regulations including the provisions of the Financial Services Authority Regulation.


Beware of fraud. Make sure Customers are cautious and not deceived by individuals acting on behalf of Bank Danamon by promising rewards. All forms of fraud or other acts committed by other / third parties associated with this Program are beyond the authority of Bank Danamon.