Danamon Corporate Shell Card

Danamon Corporate Card – Central Billing Account (CBA) Shell

The Danamon Corporate Card that is connected to Shell Fleet Card is a Corporate Credit Card that is specialized for the purchase of gasoline at all Shell outlets in Indonesia. This product is present to provide business solutions in terms of efficiency, comfort and control that are needed by companies holding Danamon Corporate Cards, especially those with operational vehicle fleets.

Danamon Corporate Card - Shell's Central Billing Account (CBA) is a payment solution offered to companies in order to purchase special fuel at Shell Indonesia's fuels station.

This product offers a choice of the payment period, which is up to 50 days and up to 55 days as from the date of transaction.

This product also offers a choice of print date for bills for monthly transactions, namely the 4th day, 16th day and 22nd day, so the company can choose the print date for bills that they want according to their needs, with the following features:

  1. Flexibility
    • The Consumers can refuel at all Shell fuels stations
  2. Convenience
    • Transactions without using cash, just simply swipe the card
  3. Ease in Preparing Reports
    • Usage reports will be directly integrated online, and can be obtained in real time
  4. Security
    • The CHIP and PIN systems provide security for consumers
  5. Postpayment
    • Payment with payment term.
  6. Fuel Allocation Limitation
    • Reducing the potential for misuse of fuels by limiting the allocation of fuels in accordance with the needs of the companies/agencies


The Benefits from the Shell's Central Billing Account (CBA) Corporate Card Program

  1. The long term of payment of the purchase bill so that the company can optimize the company's cashflow.
  2. During the term of payment the interest rate is not applied.
  3. Helps provide convenience to companies to improve control, compliance and payment systematically.
  4. The Customers get special services handled by the Danamon Corporate Card Team.


  1. The Shell’s Card CBA cannot be used if there is a delay or the nominal payment does not match the bill on the due date.

The Requirements and Procedures for Shell’s Corporate Card Central Billing Account (CBA) 

  1. Completing the Corporate Form-Danamon Corporate card and CBA Form.
  2. Meeting the requirements documents listed in the application (legal and financial documents).
  3. The Customer will get a Shell’s CBA Account after completing the Danamon's assessment.
  4. The Customers will also get the Shell Fleet Card issued by PT Shell Indonesia. Shell Fleet Card is connected to this Shell’s CBA, and is a card that is used as a payment instrument when making purchases at Shell Fuels Station and equipped with a special PIN for transaction security
  5. Shell Fleet Card dapat di buat sesuai kebutuhan perusahaan sesuai fitur- fitur yang tersedia, seperti: limit per kartu, pembatasan lokasi SPBU, pembatasan jenis bahan bakar, identifikasi berdasarkan plat nomor maupun nama pengemudi, dll.