D-Point FAQ

Q = Question, A = Answer


Q: What is D-Point?
A: D-Point is a Danamon point reward program to reward the Customer’s loyalty. The D-Point accumulation and calculation is conducted automatically by the system based on the banking activities of the Customer through various products of Danamon, which is calculated with point matrix set by the Danamon. Customer can accumulate D-Point earned through several products if the products registered under a single customer identification number. The earned D-Point can be directly redeemed with various prizes or merchandises through various redemption channels provided by Danamon, including https://www.danamonline.com


Q: How to participate in the program?
A: All Danamon Customers will automatically participate in the program in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Danamon.


Q: When does Customer participate in this program?
A : The Customer’s participation is started when the program is launched or when the Customer opens an account for any products in Danamon.


Q: When does the Customer’s participation end?
A: The Customer’s participation will be automatically ended if the Customer is no longer having an account in Danamon or if the Customer is prohibited by Danamon to earn or redeem the D-Point for manipulating D-Point collection or violating other banking regulations. In this regard, Danamon is fully entitled to cancel the Customer's participation..


Q: Does D-Point have an expiry date?
A: Yes. It is valid for 3 (three) years since D-Point is earned/converted/migrated.


Q: How if D-Point has expired?
A:D-Point will be automatically forfeited and cannot be redeemed to any D-Point reward.


Q: How if the Customer closes all accounts but D-Point is still valid?
A: D-Point will be automatically forfeited. It is advisable to redeem the D-Point before closing the accounts. It is also applicable for the accounts closed by Danamon (involuntary closed such as dormant zero balance, etc.).


Q: What are the criteria for the customer to participate in the program?

  • Individual Customer of Consumer & SME Banking
  • Have at least one active/open account in CIF
  • Not in the list of fraud/arrears/other violations


Q: What are the products included in the program?

  • Debit Card (Regular)
  • Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard Platinum, MasterCard World, Visa Infinite & MasterCard World Elite)
  • E-channel (D-Bank, Danamon Online Banking, Danamon ATM/CDM, & Danamon SMS Banking )
  • Housing Loan
  • Personal Loan/Non-Collateral Loan/  (Dana Instant), Bancassurance (PPM, PPRO, PPRA, PPE, Primajaga100, PPA)
  • Mutual Funds (Mutual Fund & DRIP except money market funds)
  • Danamon Kredit Solusi UKM (Kredit Investasi Ruko, Kredit Investasi Usaha, Kredit Investasi Modal)


Q: How D-Point is calculated?
A:The "D-Point" point will be calculated based on a basis point calculation matrix. The points will be calculated and collected in the system of the customer's accounts with one CIF number.


Q: How is the D-Point calculation matrix?




Type of Transactions/ Activities

Total D-Point

Debit Card

Minimum of IDR 7,500 transaction via merchant EDC or e-commerce payment (apply mutiply)

1 D-Point

  • Visa & MasterCard Platinum
  • Minimum of IDR 2,500 transaction via merchant EDC or e-commerce payment (apply mutiply)
  • Maximum of IDR 10 million (for PLN bill payment)
  • Not applicable for:
    1. Cash Advance
    2. Intallment payment

1 D-Point

  • MasterCard World
  • Visa Infinite

3 D-Point

  • MasterCard World Elite

8 D-Point (domestic transaction)

12 D-Point (overseas transaction)

E – Channel (D-Bank, Danamon Online Banking, ATM/CDM, Danamon SMS Banking)

Minimum of 5 transactions per month

250 D-Point

Registration of Danamon Online Banking / D-mobile and immediately conducting a transaction in the same month

500 Bonus D-Point

Housing Loan (KPR)

Disbursement of Minimum IDR 500 million of housing loan. Point shall be calculated based on multiplication of IDR 1,000,000

10 D-Point

Non-Collateral Loan (KTA)/ Dana Instant

Disbursement of Non-collateral loan for a minimum of IDR 25 million Points shall be calculated based on multiplication of IDR 1,000,000

50 D-Point

Proteksi Prima Maxiplus Insurance

Purchase of insurance with the minimum premium of IDR 100 million. Points shall be calculated based on multiplication of IDR 1,000,000

100 D-Point

Proteksi Prima Rencana Optima Insurance

Proteksi Prima Rencana Absolut Insurance

Proteksi Prima Emas Insurance

Purchase of insurance with the minimum premium of IDR 1 million. Points shall be calculated based on multiplication of IDR 1 million, efectively 1st August 2018

1,000 D-Point

Primajaga Insurance

Proteksi rima Amanah Insurance

Purchase of insurance for a minimum premium of IDR 200 thousand. Point shall be calculated based on the multiplication of IDR 1,000

1.25 D-Point

Mutual Funds

Purchase of Mutual Funds Product for a minimum of IDR 1 million. Not applicable for the money market and bonds mutual funds

20 D-Point

Danamon Kredit Solusi UKM:

- Kredit Investasi Ruko

- Kredit Investasi Usaha

- Kredit Modal Kerja


Disbursement of SME/ Business Loan for a minimum of IDR 500 million. Points shall be calculated based on multiplication of IDR 1,000,000

25 D-Point


Q: Will customers earn D-Point for every Debit/Credit Card transaction conducted overseas?
A: Yes. D-Point is calculated based on nominal spending in Rupiah currency converted from the original currency. The foreign exchange rates are based on the prevailing exchange rates at Bank Danamon.


Q: How the D-Point is calculated for Bancassurance products?
A: It is based on the premium purchase which the insurance policy has been issued.


Q: Should there be any insurance premium cancellation after the policy has been issued, will the Customers still earn D-Point?
A: If the policy has been issued and the funds have been received, then D-Point will still be rewarded.


Q: How about the premium included in the unit-link products like PPM?
A: D-Point is calculated based on the total premium paid, it does not take into account the investment portion and the insurance.


Q: If the customer’s Non-Collateral Loan is in arrear, will D-Point still be rewarded?
A: D-Point for the Non Collateral Loan will still be given as it is based on the first disbursement. Yet, D-Point cannot be redeemed until the arrear has been settled.


Q: How if a customer owns 2 (two) CIFs?
A: The customer will be considered as two different customers therefor D-Point in each CIF cannot be combined.


Q: How if a customer still has the CIF but all the accounts have been closed?
A:The customer is not eligible for the program and all D-Point earned will be automatically forfeited.


Q: What is the mechanism of combining D-Point of a joint account?
A: D-Point will be calculated and collected for the first CIF of either AND or OR joint account.


Q: How to redeem D-Point?
A: Currently there are three channels to redeem D-Point:

  • D-Point redemption website on https://www.danamononline.com
  • Hello Danamon Customer Care on 1-500-090 or,
  • EDC on appointed partner merchants 


Q: How to redeem D-Point via website?

  1. Open https://www.danamonline.com
  2. Input customer’s credentials:
    • Account or Debit/Credit Card  Number
    • Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY), and
    • Mobile phone number, without "0" or "62" prefix (example: 812XXXXXXX)
  3. Enter the OTP code sent to mobile phone number registered in the bank’s system.
  4. Choose prize/items/ gifts/flight ticket/hotel/miles in web redemption according to the customer’s total D-Point.
  5. Confirm to redeem.
  6. The customer will receive point redemption notification via email registered in the bank’s system.


Q: How to redeem D-Point via Hello Danamon?

  1. Call Customer Care Hello Danamon 1 500 090.
  2. Verify the customer’s data according to the provisions applicable to the transaction level.
  3. Hello Danamon officer will open the point redemption page and will redeem the D-Points on behalf of the customer.
  4. Select Redeem D-Point menu.
  5. Input customers’ credentials: 
    1. Saving Account/Debit Card/ Credit Card Number
    2. Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) and
    3. Mobile phone number
  6. Choose prize/items/gifts/flight ticket/hotel in web redemption according to the customer’s total D-Point.
  7. Confirm the transaction by informing the customer’s gift/item and total redeemed D-Points. Proceed when the customer agrees.
  8. The customer will receive point redemption notification via email registered in Danamon’s system.


Q:What are the differences between D-Point redemption through website and Hello Danamon?



Hello Danamon

Prize Selections

All categories

E-voucher Only




  • 2,500 D-Points to redeem up to 100,000 D-Points
  • 5,000 D-Points to redeem above 100,000 D-Points

Prize Delivery Address

Can be delivered to another address in addition to the address registered in the bank’s system.

Can only be delivered to the address registered in the bank’s system.


Q:What are the prizes/items that can be redeemed with D-Point?

There are four prize categories:

  1. Travel, rewards category related to your travel needs such as flight tickets from over 900 airlines, reservation at over 450.000 hotels, car rental in over 150 cities, etc.
  2. Shop, a reward gift in the form of products such as gadgets, electronic, home appliance, and
  3. Voucher, a reward gift for your  lifestyle needs such as shopping vouchers, or F & B vouchers in the form of e-voucher.
  4. Miles, is a reward that allows you to convert your D-Point into Frequent Flier Program of Danamon airlines partner such as: Asia Miles, AirAsia BIG, Enrich, GarudaMiles & KrisFlyer
  5. Debar D-Point, is a special gift offer program that only can be redeem in certain period


Q: Can the redeemed D-Point be canceled?
A: No, it cannot.


Q: What if the item received does not match the order?
A: Contact Danamon Costumer Care Hello Danamon for any inconvenience, Danamon will help you to follow up your report to the vendor.


Q: How long will the prize delivery take?
A: The delivery depends on the type of goods, origin and delivery addresses, considering that the items may be sent from abroad.
Overall, the delivery will take between 14 and 30 working days.


Q: How to file a complaint?
A: The complaint on point redemption through Hello Danamon 1 500 090 must be filed by at least two (2) weeks after the redemption.