D-Point is a point reward program that is obtained by the Customers through various banking activities determined by Danamon as a reward from Danamon for the Customer’s loyalty. The collection and calculation of points in this program is made by the system based on banking activities carried out by the customers through Danamon products, which are calculated based on a predetermined matrix of point. The Customers may collect D-Points from several products they have as long as these products are in 1 (one) Customer Identification File (CIF). The collected D-Points can be redeemed for various gifts or merchandise directly by the Customers through the D-Point redemption channels provided by the Bank, one of which is by accessing the D-Point redemption website at dpoint.id

The advantages obtained by the Customers through D-Point are as follows:

  • Easy and integrated accumulation of D-Points that you can collect through the following activities:
  • Shopping transactions via Danamon Debit Card
  • Shopping transactions via Danamon Credit Cards
  • Financial transactions on e-Channel (D-Bank, Danamon Online Banking, ATM and Danamon SMS Banking)
  • Disbursement of Personal Loans (KTA) or Home Ownership Loans (KPR)
  • Purchase of insurance or mutual fund products
  • Disbursement of credit from Danamon SME Solution Loans

The D-Point Redemption Process through the point redemption channel is as follows:


D-Point eligible for redemption


for all gift categories

Hello Danamon

for non-travel category in the form of physical goods

Various attractive gifts in categories

  • Travel; the special category related to travel, such as airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and others.
  • Non-Travel; the gift category in the form of goods/ services, such as gadgets, electronics, home appliances, and special vouchers that are special category for shopping voucher redemption or F & B in the form of e-vouchers.
  • Mileage/ Frequent Flyer Miles from partner airlines of Danamon including: Asia Miles, AirAsia BIG, Enrich, GarudaMiles, KrisFlyer, JAL Mileage. Start from 15 D-Point.
  • Top Up E-Wallet; the gift category for the customers making e-wallet balance top up

The validity period of D-Point is 3 (three) years since the D-Point is generated or migrated/converted or until the deadline of program as determined by the Bank.