Primadolar MUFG

Tabungan Primadolarを利用し外貨預金を管理しながら、運用しましょう。次のようにTabungan Primadolar特権をお楽しみください。


  1. 取引手数料
    • 各国への定額送金:
      • Primadolar USD (8米ドル)
      • Primadolar USD 以外の外貨 (相当5米ドル)
    • 手数料がかからない外貨現金の入金、下記を除きます:
      • USD1、USD2、USD5、USD10、USD20紙幣、大きなヘッドイメージのない50米ドルの紙幣、1996年以前に発行された紙幣、Blue L-series以前に発行されたUSD100紙幣。
      • ホチキスの跡、折り畳んだ跡、しわのある紙幣
      • スタンプ、サイン、落書き、インクが付いた紙幣
    •  外貨現金引出無料 (Primadolar USDのみ)
  2. その他外貨普通預金の取扱通貨
    • その他の外貨は、AUD、SGD、EUR、JPY、GBP、CNY、NZDなどを提供しています
    •  現金での入出金はUSDとJPYのみご利用頂けます(一部の店舗ではAUD及びSGDもご利用頂けます)。
    •  ユーロ、英ポンド、人民元、NZドル、の現金での入出金は、現在ご利用頂く事ができません。
  3. 送金手数料および迅速な送金時間
  4. 日利付普通預金
  5.  競争力のある為替レート
  6. ネットワークアクセスの広いデビットカード/ATM(すべてのニーズに対応)
    ダナモンATM、インドネシアのATM Bersama/Prima/ALTOネットワーク、および世界中のCirrus/Maestro ATMで現金引き出しに使用できるDanamon Debit/ATM Cardを提供しています。 現金引き出しの限度額は取引時に適用される為替レートに基づき計算される以下のIDR相当額までとなります
    • 日当たりの現金引き出し限度額は(相当)Rp10,000,000
    • 取引前の残高がRp8,000,000上回る場合、毎月100回までATM Bersama及びALTOネットワークに接続されたATMでの現金引き出しは無料でご利用頂けます。
    • 取引前の残高がRp5,000,000上回る場合、毎月50回までATM Bersama及びALTOネットワークに接続されたATMでの残高照会は無料でご利用頂けます。
    • ATMカードは現金のお引き出し以外に、Master Card/Maestroのロゴ付きのお店でDebitカードとしてご利用頂けます。PINで本人確認により、安全にご利用頂けます。一日最大(相当)Rp 25,000,000。

Its time for you to take control and magnify your foreign currency deposit with Tabungan Primadolar. Enjoy Tabungan Primadolar privilege as follows.


  1. Reasonable Transaction Fees
    • Flat remittance fees to any country :
      • Primadolar USD (USD8).
      • Other Primadolar foreign currencies, besides Primadolar USD (USD5 or equivalent).
    • Free to Deposit foreign currencies bank notes, with the exceptions:
      • Bank notes with the nominal of USD1, USD2, USD5, USD10, USD20; bank notes USD50 without big head image, or issued before 1996; USD100 issued before the L blue series.
      • Folded, shabby and/or stapler marked bank notes.
      • Bank notes with stamp/brand marks, signatures, strokes and/or ink marks.
    • Free commission fee for foreign currencies bank notes withdrawal (only valid for Primadolar USD).
  2. Other Foreign Currencies Options
    • Other foreign currencies are available for you to choose, such as: AUD, SGD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CNY and NZD.
    • Bank Notes cash withdrawal and deposit are available for USD (AUD and SGD are only available in selected branches).
    • Bank Notes cash withdrawal and deposit for EUR, JPY, GBP, CNY and NZD are not available.
  3. Reasonable Remittance Fee and Quick Sending Time
    You can transfer foreign currencies worldwide from correspondent banks of Bank Danamon with remittance fees starting from USD5; for transfers using USD, the remittance fee starts from USD8. Your funds will swiftly arrive at any destination, worldwide.
  4. Savings account with Daily Interest
    Receive interest based on your daily balance, and continue to increase your savings safely.
  5. Competitive Currency Exchange Rates
    Primadolar provides competitive currency exchange rates for your benefit.
  6. Debit Card/ATM for All Your Needs with Wide Network Access
    You will be given a Danamon Debit/ATM Card that can be used for cash withdrawal at Danamon ATM, ATM Bersama/Prima/ALTO network in Indonesia, and Cirrus/Maestro ATM worldwide. The limit for cash withdrawal will be following currency exchange rates and is equivalent with the value in Rupiah as mentioned below:
    1. Cash withdrawal limit is IDR 10,000,000/day or equivalent.
    2. Free cash withdrawal at all ATM Bersama/Prima/ALTO network if the balance before withdrawal is above or equal to IDR 8,000.000 (or equivalent) with a maximum of transactions are 100 times per month.
    3. Free balance inquiry fees at all ATM Bersama/Prima/ALTO network if the balance before withdrawal is above or equal to IDR 5,000,000 (or equivalent) with maximum of transactions are 50 times per month.
    4. Besides cash withdrawals at ATM, this ATM card also can be used as a Debit Card for payments at all merchants with the MasterCard/Maestro. It is safe because it is verified by PIN authorization with maximum amount of IDR 25,000,000/day (or equivalent).

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