Danamon JCB Precious Credit Card



  1. バリに宿泊又は国際線ジャカルタ-シンガポール(往復)Dポイント
    * D-Pointをお気に入りの航空会社のマイルに交換すると、提携航空(ていけいこうくう)会社の航空券に交換。
  2. 国内線と国際線の空港のラウンジアクセス可能
    ダナモンJCB Preciousクレジットカードを提示すると、フライト前にリラックスし、インドネシアの主要都市の空港ラウンジやラウンジキーが提示する国際空港への特別アクセスが可能。
  3. D-PointをJALマイレージバンク(JMB)に変換。
  4. 毎月定期請求書を定刻支払いすると最大IDR100.000のキャッシュバックを節約(せつやく)
    Dカードを登録し、ダナモンJCB Preciousクレジットカードの最低5倍、又最低IDR 100.000トランザクション。毎月TV代、電話代、インターネット代を最大IDR100.000の5%のキャッシュバックを入手。
  5. 最大36か月の分割払いで手に入れよう


  1. l旅行
    #BreakFromRoutine お気に入るホテルに最大50%の節約。
  2. ショッピング
    #BreakFromRoutines 最大50%の節約可能。
  3. レジャー
  4. ダイニング



  1. 信用保護
    未払いの請求書の心配なく。 予期リスクが発生した場合請求は補償。
  2. 送金
  3. 現金引き出しへの簡単なアクセス
    JCBやBersamaのロゴが付いたATMで、又はダナモン銀行や他行の窓口を介し、クレジットカード から現金を引き出す可能。

Time to take control of your activities

Main Features

  1. Staycation in Bali or Fly Jakarta – Singapore (return) with D-Point redemption
    Earn 4x D-Points for every IDR2.500 transaction and bonus 16.000 D-Points every month with minimum accumulated transaction of IDR10.000.000 per month. Redeem your D-Point to flight tickets*, hotel reservation, shopping voucher and other merchandises, visit https://dpoint.id. 
    *Redeem D-Point to your favorite airline miles and exchange to flight tickets by affiliated airlines.
  2. Access to Local and International Airport Lounge
    Relax before flight by simply presenting your Danamon JCB Precious Credit Card and enjoy exclusive access to airport lounge facilities across major cities in Indonesia as well as international airports presented by Lounge Key.
  3. Convert D-Point to JAL Mileage Bank (JMB)
    Indulged yourself with Japanese hospitality with Japan Airlines by conversion of D-Point to JAL Mileage Bank.
  4. Ontime paying your routine bills and save with cashback upto IDR100.000 every month
    Enjoy 5% cashback up to IDR100.000 every month from your routine bills’ transactions such as internet, telephone and pay TV bills. Simply register through D-Card Mobile and shop with your Danamon JCB Precious Credit Card minimum of 5 transaction and minimum amount of IDR 100.000 per transaction.
  5. Make your wish come true with installment up to 36 Months
    into fixed installment with rate from 0% and tenor up to 36 months through D-Card Mobile or Hello Danamon.

Special Deals

  1. Travel
    #BreakFromRoutines at your favorite hotel and enjoy savings up to 35%.
  2. Shopping
    #BreakFromRoutines and enjoy savings up to 50%.
  3. Leisure
    #BreakFromRoutines and pamper yourself with savings up to 60%.
  4. Dining
    #BreakFromRoutines and savor delicious Japanese dishes and more and save up to 20%.

Other Credit Card Features

  1. Credit Protection
    No worries about unpaid bills. Your bill will be covered in case you experience unexpected risks.
  2. Money Transfer
    Take advantage of your credit card limit by transferring funds from the remaining credit card limit to your account through D-Card Mobile or Hello Danamon.
  3. Easy access to Cash Withdrawal
    Withdraw cash from your Credit Card at all ATMs bearing JCB and/or Bersama logo, or via Bank Danamon and other banks’ teller.