Danamon Grab Credit Card

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Welcome Offer
Grab Voucher of up to Rp650 Thousand

Receive a Rp50,000 Grab Voucher with your first transaction, and Grab Vouchers up to Rp50,000 every month throughout the program period.

Exchange Your D-Points for Grab Vouchers worth Rp25,000 every month

Receive 5x D-Points with every Rp2,500 Grab transaction which you can exchange for a Grab Voucher.

Installments up to 36 Months

Convert all transactions into fixed installments via D-Bank PRO or contact Hello Danamon.

Auto Upgrade GrabRewards Platinum

Enjoy the benefits of premium allocation for GrabCar/GrabBike bookings, exclusive promos, and priority hotline service for the first 6 months after card approval. Renew your Platinum membership with IDR700,000 transaction per month over six months on the Grab app.

Merchant Promo

Lots of Cool Promos with Visa

Eat all you want Buy 1 Get 1 or save 30% at Various Favorite Restaurants

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Other Benefits and Advantages

Bill Payments

Are you always struggling with late monthly payments? Overwhelmed by the number of bills you need to pay every month? Now you can stop worrying, register all your monthly bills and have it directly debited from your Credit Card every month. Register now via D-Bank PRO or Hello Danamon.

Money Transfer

Want to transfer funds from your credit card limit to your bank account? Use the Money facility…


Now it is easier to make transactions by tapping your Danamon Grab Credit Card.

Easy Access to Cash

You can withdraw case using your Danamon Credit Card at all Danamon ATMs with the Bisa/Plus logo and Bank Tellers carrying your Credit Card’s Visa logo.


  • Must be at least 21 years old for Primary Card Applicants(maximum age 65 years)
  • Minimum income of Rp3million/month.
  • Resides in the area of Bank Danamon's market coverage.

Credit Card Rates
and Fees


Credit Card
Terms and

Terms and

FAQ/General Inquiries

The digital credit card application process is a way to submit a credit card application through the D-Bank REGISTRATION website https://register.dbank.co.id/creditcard/ at Bank Danamon branches and the D-Bank REGISTRATION mobile application. You can fill out the application form and upload the required documents electronically. 
Instant approval is a method of automatically processing applicant data which means that your credit card application will be processed automatically within 1 minute to get the application status (accepted or rejected) after you fill out the entire application form. The application status will be given instantly after the evaluation process is completed.
You can start the application process for a credit card digitally through the D-Bank REGISTRATION website https://register.dbank.co.id/creditcard/ at a Bank Danamon branch or the D-Bank Registration application that you can download on Google Play or Apple Store through this link: this and then select the "Apply for Credit Card" option and follow the instructions given to fill out the application form. 
Your credit card application status will be evaluated automatically within 1 minute after you have completed the entire application form. If you meet the criteria for instant approval, credit approval will be obtained within 1 minute after all data in the application form is verified. 
The following requirements need to be considered: 
  1. Age 21 - 65 years old
  2. Must have a minimum monthly income of Rp3,000,000
  3. Reside within Bank Danamon's coverage area
  4. Has never had a Danamon Credit Card, including those that are no longer active.
Required documents include: 
  1. Personal ID (Identity Card)
  2. Active phone number
  3. Active email address
  4. Income document (if required) 
Once your application is approved, you will immediately get a virtual credit card on the D-Bank PRO application where you can immediately transact online. The physical card will be sent to the address registered in the application and you will receive it within 7-14 working days. If you have not received your card within this period, please contact Hello Danamon 1-500-090.  
You can immediately make online transactions at your favorite merchants, wherein information related to the Virtual Credit Card can be accessed through the D-Bank PRO application. 
The Virtual Credit Card is your supplement card, so the Virtual Credit Card limit is a combination of the Virtual Credit Card, Physical Credit Card, and other supplement cards (if any).
You can reapply after 4 months from the time your application was rejected.
If you are an existing customer of Bank Danamon from Non-Credit Card products and have never had a Bank Danamon Credit Card product, you can make this digital submission and make sure the cellphone number and email used during submission are the same as those already registered in the Bank Danamon system.
For now, the digital submission service can only be accessed for customers who have never / do not currently have a Bank Danamon Credit Card. If you already have / currently have a Bank Danamon Credit Card, you can make an application through the nearest Bank Danamon branch.
This indicates a technical problem or network problem at the time of submission. But don't worry, you can close the application first and then open the D-Bank REGISTRATION application again, click "Apply for Credit Card" then select the same card type that you are currently applying for, then fill in the initial 4 data (Full Name, NIK, Mobile Number, Email) again with the same data then you will be directed to the last page before the problem occurs.
This indicates that there is a data mismatch with the comparison data for verification. Make sure the personal data you fill in is in accordance with the population data (KTP and Family Card) during the application process.
Bank Danamon requires other supporting documents to be able to process the application further. You can upload or photograph your income documents (Salary Slip or Tax Return) and the Bank will analyze the uploaded supporting documents. The analysis process takes a maximum of 5 working days. If within 5 Working Days no notification has been received, please contact Hello Danamon.

Danamon Grab Credit Card

Enjoy a variety of attractive offers designed just for you.