General Terms And Conditions Debit Online Danamon


  1. 3D Secure is a facility from MasterCard to protect online transactions of Danamon Debit Online and Credit Cards. This service is only available on merchant sites that also supports 3D Secure services.
    • MSC/3D Secure is a security system that uses password protection during the process of shopping on the internet in the process of vertification of customers.
    • The purpose of MSC / 3D Secure is to establish trust between merchants and customers the same as face-to-face transaction.
  2. 3 Digit CVC (Card Verification Code) is the final 3 digit number on the back of the Debit Card. This CVC number is a security feature for cards with the Mastercard logo.
  3. Online Shopping is the purchase of goods / services through electronic media / internet that uses One Time Password (OTP) for the authentication process of the transaction.
  4. Danamon Online Debit is a an online payment feature on buying and selling sites / e-commerce using Danamon debit cards that have been certified by MasterCard (MSC / 3D Secure) on merchant sites (online stores) which also have MasterCard (MSC / 3D Secure) certification.
  5. Force Majeur is any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Danamon and the Customer and that are unexpected and unpredictable that occur which makes financial transactions and / or non-financial transactions impossible can be continued or delayed. These incidents include but are not limited to:
    1. Natural disasters, lightning strikes, earthquakes, floods, storms, explosions, fires and other natural disasters.
    2. Epidemic or quarantine
    3. War, crime, terrorism, rebellion, civil war, riots, sabotage and revolution;
    4. Strike;
    5. Computer viruses or systems like Trojan Horses, or harmful components that can interfere with services, web browsers, Customer's computers, or Internet Service Providers; dan 
    6. Non-functioning systems or transmissions, electricity disruptions, telecommunications disturbances, government policies, banking system failures.  
  6. Danamon Debit / ATM Card is a card issued by Danamon at the request of a customer who has a function as a Debit card and / or ATM card and / or other functions that will be determined by Danamon.
  7. MasterCard is a product of MasterCard Worldwide which is a provider and network of cards (debit / credit) bearing the MasterCard logo.
  8. The Customer is the account holder and Debit / ATM Card holder issued by Danamon who will / has been registered as a user of Danamon Online Banking internet banking services. 
  9. Debit / ATM Card Number is a 16 digit number found on the front of Danamon Debit / ATM Card.
  10. One Time Password (OTP) is a unique password that is valid for 1 (one) transaction that is sent via SMS to the Customer's mobile number registered in the Danamon system as an authentication of financial and non-financial transactions carried out through internet banking services and or Danamon's mobile banking.
  11. Operators are cellular telecommunications service network providers that use GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), and other technologies.
  12. Cellphone (cellular telephone) is an electronic telecommunications device known as a mobile phone or mobile phone.
  13. Account is an individual savings and / or checking account in the name of a Customer registered with another Danamon internet banking and / or e-channel service and used as a source of funds in conducting financial transactions.
  14. SMS (Short Message Service) is a text-based short message service that can be sent and or received using a cellphone.
  15. Financial transactions are transactions through other internet banking and / or e-channel services that have an impact on changes in account balances such as fund transfers, bill payments, purchases, online shopping, and other transactions in accordance with Danamon's provisions.
  16. Non-financial transactions are transactions through other internet banking and / or e-channel services that have no impact on changes in account balances such as balance information, account transfers, exchange rate information, interest rates, and other transactions in accordance with Danamon's provisions.
  17. Valid Thru (validity period) is the month and year of the expiration of the validity period of the Debit / ATM Card located on the front of the card..
  18. The definition that is not specifically regulated in 3D Secure Debit Online Danamon will apply according to the definition stated in the General Terms and Conditions of Accounts and Banking Services of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.


Terms of Use

  1. The Customer must read the 3D Secure Debit Online Danamon Terms and Conditions and agree to the terms stated in these Terms and Conditions by clicking on the column stating that "I agree to Danamon Online Debit Terms and Conditions".
  2. Users must have a valid and active cellphone number that has been registered with the Danamon system.
  3. Users must be registered with internet banking services, Danamon Online Banking.
  4. Users must have an active account and a Danamon Debit / ATM Card with a valid Mastercard logo.
  5. Users are required to set Debit Online transaction limit settings first before making the first transaction that can only be done by accessing Danamon Online Banking.
  6. The user must read and click the approval statement column on the Terms and Conditions that apply to Danamon's 3D Secure Debit Online service.
  7. After setting up Online Debit Transaction Limit through internet banking service (Danamon Online Banking), the Customer has a maximum transaction limit per day that can be used for purchases at online merchants using Danamon Debit / ATM Cards bearing the MasterCard logo.
  8. Any instructions from the Customer that have been given or sent to Danamon cannot be canceled. The Customer is fully responsible in the event of errors, errors, negligence, forgery, misuse, fraud, obscurity including all risks and / or consequences of carrying out the instruction.
  9. All instructions to the account can only be executed or carried out if Danamon can confirm from the Customer stating that the instruction is correct and authentic through the OTP code entered by the Customer and proven correct.
  10. The SMS of the OTP code will be sent by the Bank and received by the Customer only if the SMS inbox on the Customer's cellphone is not full, there is no interference in the operator's network, or the availability of credit on the cellphone number registered in the Danamon system.
  11. Danamon has the right not to be obliged to carry out orders from the Customer, if:
    1. Customer account balance is not enough.
    2. Danamon knows or has reason to suspect that fraud or crime has been or is being carried out.
  12. Customer must notify Danamon if there is a change in Customer data. Update Customer Data by filling in the Data Update Form at the nearest Danamon branch.
  13. Danamon has the right to terminate Danamon's 3D Secure Debit Online service temporarily or within a specified period of time for the purpose of renewal, maintenance or for other purposes for any reason deemed good by Bank Danamon, and for this reason Danamon is not obliged to account for anyone. However, this will be informed to the user no later than 7 (seven) working days prior to renewal, maintenance or other purposes.
  14. Danamon is not responsible for any losses suffered by the Customer and the Customer frees the Bank from all claims relating to:
    1. Misuse of card information, cellphone numbers, and OTP codes by other parties.
    2. Any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness of instructions or data sent through other Danamon internet banking / e-channels.
    3. All transaction failures as a result of the unavailability of sufficient credit on the Customer's cellphone number.
    4. Any errors or problems in the cellular telecommunications operator network.
    5. All Customer negligence in following procedures, instructions, provisions in using 3D Secure Debit Online Danamon or delays in submitting changes to Customer's data..

OTP and Card Information

  1. Information contained on the Customer Debit / ATM Card and can be used for online shopping transactions is the card number, valid thru (validity period of the card), and 3 digit CVC number (Card Verification Code). This information is permanent and cannot be changed.
  2. The Customer is obliged to secure a Debit / ATM Card and maintain the confidentiality of other personal data such as cellphone numbers, PIN and / or Password by not giving the debit card and information to anyone.
  3. The Customer must maintain the confidentiality of the OTP code sent to the registered cellphone number when going to verify the payment at the e-commerce merchant site.
  4. All transaction instructions based on the Customer's request and confirmed through the card information filled by the Customer along with the OTP code are the responsibility of the User.
  5. Completion of debit card information and OTP code has legal force, so that the Customer hereby declares that the online shopping transaction ordered is also the authorization from the Customer to Danamon to carry out the Transaction, but not limited to debiting the User balance account that is still available at Danamon in order to carry out the Transaction ordered.
  6. Users hereby release Danamon from any claims that may arise, either from other parties or the User itself as a result of misuse of card information and OTP code.


Changes and Termination of Access to Services

  1. Changes to Customer's cellphone number information is done by filling out the Customer Data Update Form through the nearest Danamon Branch.
  2. Changes to the limit setting for Online Debit transactions can be directly made by the Customer through internet banking, Danamon Online Banking. The system will carry out these instructions at the request of the Customer.
  3. Danamon's Secure Debit Online 3D access will be terminated if:
    1. The Customer forgets the Danamon Online Banking User ID, Password and PIN data.
    2. Customers closes all accounts that can be accessed through Danamon's 3D Secure Debit Online.
    3. The Bank, at its discretion, indicates the occurrence of misuse / misappropriation of transactions by parties that are not responsible or there are transactions that violate the applicable legal provisions.
    4. Received written reports from the User regarding allegations or knowledge of Customer's personal data such as User ID, Password and Mobile Banking PIN (D-Bank) and or Danamon Online Banking Internet Banking by other unauthorized parties.
    5. Danamon implements a requirement in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.
  4. To reactivate due to the termination of access to the services mentioned above, Users must contact Danamon's Hello customer care at 1-500-090.



  1. The Customer agrees to the validity of any data, records, recordings, communications, or any form transmitted electronically between Danamon and the Customer and stored in the Danamon data center as valid evidence of the Customer's transaction, unless the Customer can prove otherwise.
  2. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the communications and instructions stored by the Bank are correct instructions and are valid and binding evidence even if not in the form of written documents or signed documents.


Force Majeure

  1. In the event of a Force Majeure, the party experiencing the Force Majeure is obliged to notify the other party not later than 3 (three) working days after the force of the Force Majeure has taken effect.
  2. If the party experiencing the Force Majeure is negligent to notify the other party within the period specified in these Terms and Conditions, all losses that may arise will be the liability and responsibility of the party experiencing the Force Majeure.



  1. Danamon can change these terms and conditions at any time and must notify the changes in these terms and conditions to the User.
  2. Users are subject to the provisions and regulations that apply to Danamon's 3D Secure Debit Online Services including any changes.
  3. The user agrees that Danamon is not responsible, or guarantees, that all information regarding the Products and Services provided by E-Commerce / Merchant is accurate, complete, correct or up-to-date.
  4. If a dispute arises in connection with the interpretation and implementation of these terms and conditions, Danamon and the User agree to settle the dispute in consultation to reach consensus.
  5. If the dispute cannot be resolved by deliberation, Danamon and the User hereby agree to resolve the dispute through the Central Jakarta District Court, without prejudice to the right of the Bank to file a lawsuit or claim through another District Court within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  6. These terms and conditions constitute an inseparable part of the General Terms and Conditions of Banking Accounts and Services of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk..


User Complaints

  1. User Complaints related to 3D Secure Debit Online Danamon can be done by contacting Customer Care Hello Danamon at 1-500-090 or by email
  2. If in the event that a User complaint is filed, the User has not been able to complete the documents required by the applicable legislation or required by applicable laws or required by Danamon, the user hereby agrees to immediately complete the requirements and submit it to the Bank and accept all consequences that arise if these requirements cannot be met.
  3. Danamon will resolve the complaint in accordance with the applicable regulations..

By activating Danamon's 3D Secure Debit Online Service as a media for online shopping payments, the Customer automatically states that they have read, understood and agreed to the matters stated in the terms and conditions stated above and general terms and conditions in PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk according provisions from Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authorization.