Frequently Asked Questions Debit Online Danamon

Danamon Online Debit service is a payment method to be use on online stores/ e-commerce merchant sites using Danamon Debit-ATM Cards that are certified by MasterCard’s 3D Secure  (MSC / MasterCard Secure Code) at 3D Secure (MSC / MasterCard Secure Code) certified merchant sites (online store).
3D Secure (MSC / MasterCard Secure Code) is a security features from MasterCard to protect online transactions for Debit/ATM Cards and Credit Cards. This service is only available at merchant sites that also support 3D Secure MasterCard services, where,
• Uses OTP (One Time Password) code protection for online shopping payment on the internet (e-commerce merchant) to verify customer transaction,
• Same trustable experience between merchants and customers when doing online e-commerce transactions like face to face / direct transactions.
• As online payment alternative for online transactions at online stores / e-commerce merchant sites that supported 3D Secure (MSC) using Danamon Debit/ATM Cards, thus Danamon Debit/ATM Cards not only can be use at physical merchants with EDC machine.
• Safer transactions, because every e-commerce transaction that uses Danamon Debit / ATM Card will be asked to input the One Time Password (OTP) code every time you make a payment transaction.
• No additional fee charges to the Customers.
Is an online store/e-commerce merchant site that has received certification from MasterCard. This certification is to ensure the security of online payment transaction and also protecting customers from cyber fraud.
• After customers log in to the desired online merchant site, place an order and proceed to payment process, choose Debit Card  of MasterCard as your payment method.
• Enter the Debit/ATM Card Number, valid thru (expiry month/year) and the 3 digit CVC number (Card Validation Card) that can be found on the back of Debit/ATM Card
• Check the details of your transaction information, enter the One Time Password (OTP) that you received via SMS, then press "Continue".
• Payment transaction confirmation will appear, payment is complete. Save merchant reference information and payment references then Press "Continue" to return to the merchant site.
• The customer already has an Danamon ATM/Debit Card with active saving account.
• Have a valid and active mobile number that has been registered in the Danamon system to receive OTP (One Time Password). Update data if there is a change in address, telephone number or e-mail address by filling out the “Form Pengkinian Data” at the nearest Danamon Branch.
• Customer must have access/registered with Danamon Online Banking's Internet banking service ( and activate the Debit Online service by determining the daily maximum limit per card number.
• Customers can make online e-commerce transactions the following day since the maximum daily limit of the card has been successfully created at
An OTP is a 6 (six) secret digit numbers that is unique and valid for only 1 (one) transaction. The code is sent via SMS to the Customer's cellphone number registered in the Bank's system as an authentication for every online shopping payment transaction carried out for transaction security.
The OTP (One Time Password) code is valid for 5 (five) minutes after the SMS is sent to the Customer's cellphone number.
If the Customer incorrectly enters the OTP (One Time Password) code for 3 (three) consecutive times, then their Danamon Debit Online service will be blocked. To be able to make a transaction again, the Customer can a request to unblock it by contacting Hello Danamon (1-500-090). The unblocking can be done by using the T-PIN (Phone Personal Identification Number). if the Customers does not have the T-PIN, they can request Hello Danamon to create the T-PIN by verifying the  Customer data first.
• Risk of failure transaction due to system failure.
• Risk of failure transaction because cellphone number used is not registered on the Danamon system.
• Risk of failure transaction because merchants is not 3D Secure (MSC) certified.
Customers can register and use any type of Danamon Debit/ATM Cards that has a MasterCard logo.
You are required to set Your Daily Transaction Limit for the first time before you can use the service. Follow the steps below for limit settings:
a. Log in to your Danamon Online Banking account by entering your registered User ID / e-mail address and correct password at
b. Select the "Services" tab then select "Setup Debit / Credit Card for e-commerce" then select "Online Debit Limit".
c. Before making arrangements, make sure the cellphone number you use is in accordance with the cellphone number listed on the Danamon system for verification of activation (check the 3 digit numbers listed on the monitor screen).
d. If you have more than 1 debit card, then choose your prefered the debit card that you want to use to make a transaction at e-commerce.
e. Enter e-commerce Transaction Limit per day according to your needs. The nominal you enter is the maximum payment  of e-commerce transactions that can be done in one day. Transactions will be rejected if the accumulation of payment transactions for one day are exceeds the daily limit you specify.
f. Read the "General Terms and Conditions for Using Debit Online" then click "Agree" to continue.
g. Check the data that was input previously. Enter the 6 digit number of the OTP code sent to the registered cellphone number then click "Send" or click "Change" if there is something that needs to be fixed.
h. You will receive a successful transaction notification on the screen, after the limit settings have been successfully performed. Notifications are also sent via e-mail and SMS to the e-mail address and cellphone number registered in Danamon’s system.
• Transaction limits for Danamon Debit/ATM Cards for e-commerce payment transactions following the daily limit setting per Danamon Debit/ATM Card number that has been made by the Customer through Danamon Online Banking.
• The maximum daily limit for spending follows the type of Danamon Customer Debit/ATM Card daily limit.
• Daily limit usage for Danamon Online Debit service transactions will be accumulated with daily limits at EDC/POS Merchants.