Obligasi Korporasi


  1. Customer can enjoy the potential of higher return compared to the average level of deposito’s interest rate.
  2. An alternative investment choice for customers to diversify their portfolio.
  3. Provide customers with capital gain from higher bonds selling price in the secondary market compared to the buying price in accordance to the market trend, taking into consideration the applicable transaction & tax fee.


  1. Credit Risk
    Customers will be subjected to a potential risk of issuer’s bankruptcy which will lead to the issuer’s negligence to pay for the promised return and principle fund invested. Should this happen, customers will face a risk of partial or full loss of their investment.
  2. Market Risk
    Customers will face the risk from the fluctuating Bonds’ market price which is affected by the market and economic condition, as well as the changes in interest rate and inflation that will impact and lower the Bonds price. On the contrary, if there’s a decrease in interest rate customers will face the potential of higher Bonds price. Additionally, the Bonds period as well as the coupon rate will also affect the Bonds price, thus Bonds price will fluctuate all throughout the Bonds holding period.
  3. Risk of Early Redemption
    Customers will face the risk of early redemption, where customers will be subjected to receiving lower principle value of investment due to the higher price customers pay to obtain their investment.
  4. Risk of Early Selling
    Customers will face risk when selling Bonds before the maturity date. When the market price is lower compared to the purchasing price, customers will sell their investment holding at a lower price which will lead to the lower principle value of investment.
  5. Volatility Risk
    Bonds price will fluctuate up or down throughout their holding period due to various factors.
  6. Risk of Changes in Regulations
    Risk will occur if there are shifts in tax charges on investment in accordance to the Government Regulations, which will impact the final investment value received by the customers.
  7. Risk of Transaction
    In a situation where customer’s Bonds transaction failed due to Bank Danamon’s or counterparty’s error, Bank Danamon will return the investment fund paid from the customer’s account (only applicable for Bonds purchase).
  8. Counterparty Risk
    Risk will occur when Bank Danamon’s counterparty fails to fulfill their role which are cause by bankruptcy risk, where the counterparty fails to pay; compensation risk, where the counterparty fails to compensate for the loss, or completion risk, where counterparty fails to complete the transaction.
  9. Risk Rating Regression Risk
    The regression of risk rating could happen to the reassessment from credit rating companies caused by the worsening company’s performance. When customers instruct a reselling of the Bonds through Bank Danamon, the sell transaction will be conducted at the same Bonds rating at customer’s purchase.

Application Process of Bonds Transaction

  1. Customers must have CASA (current account or savings account) in Bank Danamon.
  2. Customers must have valid and updated risk profile to ensure the investment products purchased by customers are in accordance to customer’s risk profile to ensure the investment products are suitable and aligned with customer’s investment plan.
  3. Customers must have sufficient fund in the CASA account to complete their transaction.
  4. Customers must have SID to complete their Bonds transactions.
  5. Customers must provide and signed documents below:
    a. Risk Profile From  (if needed)
    b. Bonds Transaction Form
    c. Form of Change / Updating of Customer Funds / Accounts for SID (if needed)
    d. Product Information Summary 
    e. Copy of self-identification (KTP)
    f. Copy of NPWP
    g. Bank’s receipt
    h. Customer’s receipt

For more information regarding Product Information Summary, please click the link on the table below:

Ringkasan Informasi Produk

Adira Dinamika Multi Finance

ADMFIJ 8.6 22

ADMFIJ 7.8 22

ADMFIJ 7.55 22

ADMFIJ 7.9 23

ADMFIJ 5.5 24 
ADMFIJ 5.6 25 

ADMFIJ 6.25 27


BRIIJ 7.6 22

BRIIJ 7.85 24


BMRIIJ 7.75 25


Bank Danamon only acts as a Selling Agent, Bond is NOT a product of Bank Danamon so that it is NOT guaranteed by Bank Danamon, NOT a part of third party deposits that are bound for a certain period and NOT included in the scope of the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS) guarantee program; contains investment risk including loss of all invested capital; and therefore Bank Danamon shall not be liable and shall have no liability whatsoever on the impairment of investment value or any losses arising from such investment.
Before buying Bond, the Customer must read and understand the Product Information Summary.
Please contact our Relationship Manager to get more complete information regarding transactions, risk, fees, and Information Memo. Visit your nearest Bank Danamon Branch or contact Hello Danamon for 24 hour services at 1-500-090. 

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