Asuransi Proteksi Prima Rencana Maxima

Life insurance protection that has the element of investment by periodic premium payment that provides an opportunity for 100% of the premium to be allocated to investment since the first year of the policy, this product is supplemented with a package of protection against your financial risks.

Enjoy the various benefits of Proteksi Prima Rencana Maxima:

  • 100% premium will be allocated to Policy Value since the first policy year
  • Greater investment allocation in the form of an additional 2% of the premium to be allocated to the policy value after the 7th policy year
  • Benefits of loyalty in the form of an additional investment of 1% of the policy value that will be given to the customers starting at the end of the 6th policy year and every multiple of the next 3 years.
  • Providing flexibility in choosing investment funds and payment method according to your wishes.
  • Providing insurance protection in the form of compensation for death, the amount of which is adjusted to the growth of your investment, namely the amount that is greater than 20 x annual premiums or policy value plus 5x annual premiums.
  • Providing premium exemption benefits if the insured suffers from a critical illness
  • Providing income substitute benefits in the form of compensation of 5x annual premium for 12 months when there is a total permanent disability or death.