Asuransi Proteksi Prima Rencana Absolut

What are the advantages of Proteksi Prima Rencana Absolut?

  1. Complete and maximum protection
  2. Opportunity to expand coverage benefits
  3. Flexibility in investing

Complete and maximum protection

  1. Providing life insurance protection until the Insured reaches the age of 99 years.
  2. Provides flexibility in determining Sum Insured up to 150 times of Basic Premium, depending on the age of entry and gender of the Insured.
  3. Providing a guarantee that the Policy remains active for the first 5 years of the Policy even though the Policy Value is not enough to pay the costs incurred (the terms and conditions of Proteksi Prima Rencana Absolut apply).
  4. Provide the amount of the investment portion of the Basic Premium that you pay to be invested as follows: * Commencing from the 6th Policy year and so forth, an Additional Bonus will be given in the form of a unit amounting to 2% nominality of the Basic Premium paid.
  5. The costs are very competitive. Administrative Cost is IDR 30 thousand/US$ 4 per month. Payment of Basic Insurance Costs, Additional Insurance Costs and Administration Costs are made automatically through deduction of the Policy Value of the Basic Insurance Program. The amount of the Insurance Costs shall be determined based on the age and sex of the Insured and the amount of the Sum Insured.

Opportunity to Expand the Coverage Benefits

You can add a variety of Additional Insurance Benefits available according to your needs for protection in every stage of your life and for your beloved family members to the greatest amount possible. Payment of this Additional Insurance Cost shall be made automatically through deduction of the Policy Value of the Basic Insurance Program.

  1. Manulife Medicare Plus (MMP)(a) This Additional Insurance Program will help you solve financial problems when you are sick or your family members must undergo hospitalization due to sickness or accident.
  2. Waiver of Premium 65 (WP 65) Providing Benefits in the form of exemption from the obligation to pay the Basic Premium, if the Insured is diagnosed with one of 49 Critical Diseases (a).
  3. Payor Benefit Plus (PB Plus) Providing Benefits in the form of exemption from the Basic Premium and Periodic Top Up(a) (if any) until the Insured reaches the age of 25 years or until the Premium Payor reaches the age of 60 years (whichever occurs first), if the Premium Payor dies or suffers Total Permanent Disability.
  4. Manulife Crisis Cover Protection (MCCP)(1) Providing Protection Benefits up to 100% of the Sum Assured if the Insured is diagnosed with one of 50 Critical Diseases(b) until the age of 75 years.
  5. Accidental Death and Disability Benefit (ADDB)(2) Providing Death Benefits, Total Permanent or Partial Disability of the Insured caused by an accident until the Insured reaches the age of 70 years.
  6. Yearly Renewable Term (YRT) Providing additional Death Benefits to the Insured that is annual in nature and can be renewed without re-underwriting until the Insured reaches the age of 65 years.
  7. Manulife Income Replacement (MIR) Providing the benefits of monthly payments if the Insured dies or suffers from Total Permanent Disability during the period of benefits payment.
  1. Cashless facilities are available
  2. List of Critical Diseases contained in the Policy

Flexibility in investing

  • You can freely determine the amount of periodic Top Up to maximize the return on your investment.
  • If there is a change in needs, financial goals or level of risk, you can freely adjust the Unit Link investment options by adding Additional Investment Premium (Top Up)(3), taking part of the investment fund (Withdrawal)(3), or making a change in investment option (Switching)(3).
  • You are free to choose a combination of investment funds according to your financial goals and risk profile.

Benefits of Proteksi Prima Rencana Absolut:

  • Death Benefits If the Insured dies during the Coverage Period, the Designated Person will receive benefits by obtaining 100% of the Sum Assured plus all Policy Values (if any).
  • Final Benefit of Coverage Period If the Insured reaches the age of 99 years, the Policyholder will obtain a Final Benefits of Coverage in the amount of Policy Value (if any).


  1. Maximum benefits of Critical Illness for all Policies owned by Manulife Indonesia is USD 250 thousand or IDR 2.5 billion.
  2. Maximum Death Benefits due to Accidents and Total Permanent Disability Benefits due to Accident for all Policies owned by Manulife Indonesia is USD 500 thousand or IDR 5 billion.
  3. Minimum Top Up of IDR 1 million/USD 100 per transaction, Minimum Withdrawal of IDR 1 million/USD 100 with the funds left in each Investment Fund of IDR 2 million/USD 200. For the first to fourth switching of every Policy year can be done without charge. After that, the Fund Transfer Fee shall be charged amounting to IDR 50,000/USD8 per transaction.
  4. The Policyholder's Investment return are not guaranteed. All risks, losses and benefits resulting from investments will be fully the responsibility of the Policyholder. The performance of investment funds in the past is not an indication of future performance. Full information is in the Policy.

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