Asuransi Proteksi Prima Maxiplus

Protection with Maximum Investment Returns 

Proteksi Prima Maxiplus is a life insurance product that is associated with investment using the method of Single Premium Payment, and Top Up (if any) when the Public Policy is designed specifically to maximize the return on your investment and reduce or mitigate the RISK for greater losses at a later date.

This product provides 2 (two) options for investing, namely:

  1. Allocation of direct investment funds (Lump Sum)
  2. Allocation of Gradual Initial Payment for 2 to 24 months.

Investment Benefits of Proteksi Prima Maxiplus :

  1. Invest Optimally 
  2. Easy and Simple
  3. Various Investment Fund Options

Basic Benefits of Proteksi Prima Maxiplus

  1. Loyalty benefits 1% of Total Policy Value*
  2. Final Benefits of Coverage Period Amounting to the Policy Value*
  3. Death Benefits 150% of the lump sum Premium + Policy Value*
  4. Death Benefits due to an accident up to the age of 65 years 300% of the lump sum Premium + Policy Value*

*) The policy value is not guaranteed, depending on the performance of the selected investment fund and is not free from investment risk.