Jumat Sharing Seru (JUSS)


Working as a Bank Danamon staff is a great chance on career development or networking that will be affecting our self-improvement as a staff because Bank Danamon Indonesia is an organization that is run by high competition professional staffs. To maintain the quality and spirit of daily works in Danamon, we should create a good working place, in a conducive and be supporting of each other. The bravery and solidarity of Human Capital (HC) group will be safe-kept and cultured in our daily work. One of our programs that are running the spirit is JUSS HC. The program is held every Friday morning in about 30-45 minutes, even 1 hour if the topic discussed is being enthusiastically responded by all HC friends.

The concept is, one of the HC team members will alternately be the spokesperson on every JUSS session (once a week, for 30 minutes), and the other will be listening and proactively responding by questioning and advising. JUSS itself stands for JUmat Sharing Seru (Fun Friday Forum). The program surprisingly improves HC friends’ engagement, as being motivated to be brave on sharing their working experiences and other inspiring stories. The listeners also take lots of knowledge and experiences, so much fun!