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The Hike of D’Nanjak to the Peak of Mount Ceremai

D’NANJAK is one of the communities of Danamon employees (D’Club) whose activities are suitable for those who love hiking up the mountains. Since this community was established, countless mountain peaks had been conquered. This time it was Finina Kencana Laksmi's turn, Danamon's Soft Collection Officer, a member of D'Nanjak Jakarta and two other colleagues venturing towards the top of Mount Ceremai. The hike to the mountain with an altitude of 3,078 meters above sea level was carried out on July 14-16, 2017 via the Palutungan Post line, Kuningan, West Java. This ascent was quite reckless, because of the lack of participants and preparation. Even so, the team did not play around preparing the equipment needed for the safety of the team. Actually, the initial plan was to hike up Mount Sindoro, Wonosobo. Unfortunately, the team was too late upon arriving at Kampung Rambutan Terminal, so they ran out of buses to Wonosobo. Considering the time and logistical readiness, the hiking target was then set to Mount Ceremai.

The D’Nanjak team was initially a bit reluctant to hike up the Mount Ceremai with all the stories revolving said mountain. However, at the basecamp before starting the hike, they met with another group of hikers and agreed to hike together. "At first, I could not imagine hiking up together with them and must balance their strength. Yet I believe, true hikers will not leave their friends behind, and proven, we went up together and went home home together,” Finina recalled.