Danamon Corporate University

Danamon Corporate University is the center of learning for the Staffs in the Compay. DCU become the partner in driving the company development and establishing the highest quality standard on growing talent for the Company who promotes behavior change effect and performance improvement.

Danamon Corporate University (DCU) is located in Gadog, Ciawi. The facility is officially announced on 9 November 1991. DCU area is more than 4,5 hectares, on a green and productive field. The university has a beautiful view, supported with facilities and infrastructures that are needed to support learning requirements of Bank Danamon.

It is the time for DCU, who has been 26 years serving regeneration and transformation process, consistent with the advance of informational technology in the digital era. We conduct a comparative study to modernize the Danamon campus supported by the digital knowledge and infrastructure and competent human resource.

Apart from Ciawi campus, Bank Danamon also has the Center of Area Training (Sentra Pelatihan Wilayah/SPW) including Surabaya, Semarang, Makassar, and Medan, which is also concerned by the management to provide a better facility and infrastructure.