Tutorial Go-Pay Top Up via Danamon Online Banking

Life gets easier now with the arrival of topping up your Go-Pay using Danamon Online Banking. There’s no need for you to keep cash in your pocket to pay for your Go-Jek trip. The steps are easy:

  1. Access your Danamon Online Banking using your computer/laptop in https://danamonline.com
  2. Choose the transaction menu and click the purchase menu
  3. In the E-Commerce Organization Purchase, choose Go-Pay Top Up
  4. Select a fund source account and for the telephone number:
    • Choose new purchase (if you’ve never registered the phone number as a favorite purchase), or
    • Choose Favorite Purchase (if you’ve already registered the phone number as a favorite purchase)
  5. Enter the nominal for topping up your Go-Pay
  6. Save the data as a favorite purchase if you want to save it as a favorite purchase, then choose continue
  7. In the transaction confirmation screen, enter OTP and then click continue
  8. Transaction is finishedTransaksi selesai 

What are you waiting for, top up your Go-Pay now using Danamon Online Banking.

Information: Bank Admin Fee is Rp2.000/transaction