Top Up OVO Tutorial

Good news for all Danamon customers, now Top Up OVO is available at ATM Danamon and via Danamon Online Banking. There is no extra administrative fee to Top Up your OVO. Always use Danamon e-Channel for convenient and secure banking transactions, anytime and anywhere.

Online Banking Tutorial

How to Transact:

  1. Login to, enter User ID/Email Address and Password
  2. Select Transaction
  3. Select Purchase menu
  4. Select Purchase category >> E-Commerce and Organization >> Top Up OVO
  5. Select Account Source (if you own more than 1 account)
  6. Select Favorite Purchase (if you have previously made a transaction and saved your Mobile Number data) or New Purchase by entering the Mobile Number that you want to top up. 
  7. Type/Enter the Nominal for Top Up (minimum IDR 20,000)
  8. Type Information – If Needed
  9. Put tickmark on the statement section to save this data as a favorite and then give it an Alias
  10. Select Next
  11. Screen “Transaction Confirmation” appears
  12. Type/Enter OTP
  13. Select Next
  14. Transaction succeeds

At ATM Danamon

How to Transact :

  1. Enter ATM Card
  2. Select Language : Indonesia/English
  3. Enter ATM PIN
  4. Danamon Information appears, select Next
  5. Select Payment transaction
  6. Select Payment Method: E-Commerce
  7. Select Payment Method: E-Commerce: Top Up OVO
  8. Enter No Payment/Mobile Number/Virtual Account and select Correct
  9. Type/Enter the Nominal for Top Up (minimum IDR 20,000)
  10. Select Account Source: Savings/Giro (then select the Savings/Giro if you own more than 1 account)
  11. Screen “Waiting for Transaction to Proceed” appears
  12. Screen “Confirmation” appears and then select Correct to proceed
  13. Transaction succeeds

Minimum Nominal for Top Up Transaction : IDR 20,000 (daily maximum balance of 10,000,000, Monthly maximum balance of 20,000,000)

Top Up Administrative Fees : IDR 1000/transaction (Effective as of 7 November 2019)