Railink Payment Via D-Bank

Now Danamon serves Telkom Pay/RAILINK payment Via DANAMON MOBILE BANKING (D-MOBILE)/(D-Bank), the following are the methods:

If a Customer chooses Indirect Payment Method > Finpay

Transaction flow through the Telkom Pay Payment menu :

1. Access D-mobile via your smartphone (android/IOS), enter the user id and password.

2. Select menu > Payment (Pembayaran).

3. Select menu > Telco

4. Select the biller menu > Telkom Pay/Railink

5. Select > Fund Sources Account and New/Favorite Payment (Rerkening SUmber Dana/Favorit yang dituju). In New/Favorite Payments > Add a Paying New Biller (Biller Baru Pembayar) > click Continue (Lanjut)

6. Select Biller > Telkom Pay/Railink

7. On the menu > Bill Payment please fill in the "Biller Name" with Telkom Pay/Railink, "Telephone Number" with payment code/Pay code obtained from online ordering by completing "code" > 021 and fill in "please type" with the 9 digits of payment code after 021, and "Description" is to be filled with Telkom Pay. Then Click > Pay Now (Bayar Sekarang)"

8. After that it will enter into the menu > Payment Confirmation (Konfirmasi Pembayaran), then "Amount of Bill (Jumlah Tagihan)" and "Transaction Fee (Biaya Transaksi)" will appear. Then confirm by entering the 6 digits of Customer mPIN. Then click > Ok

9. The transaction was successfully carried out, then "Biller" will appear as proof of "Successful Payment". If you want to continue with other payments then click > Pay Other Bills (Bayar Tagihan Lainnya). However, if it is finished, then you can go back to the "Home" menu by clicking the hamburger bar button on the top left side.

Railink Virtual Account payment transaction Via DANAMON MOBILE BANKING (D-MOBILE) / D-BANK :

If the Customer chooses the VA Payment Method > Danamon Virtual Account

1. D-Bank access via your smartphone (android/IOS), enter the user id and password.

2. Select menu > Payment (Pembayaran).

3. Select > Virtual Account

4. Enter the 16 digits of Virtual Account Number

5. Enter your mPIN to confirm

6. You will get transaction information