BPJS Payment Tutorial

It is easy to pay for BPJS through Danamon, You don’t have to worry about your health care service getting interrupted due to late payment of your BPJS monthly fees. The steps are easy :

  1. Access your Danamon Online Banking from your Computer/Laptop in https://www.danamonline.com
  2. Choose the Transaction Menu
  3. Click Payment
    • Unlisted Payment (if family VA number or BPJS Card number hasn’t been registered in Danamon Online Banking), or
    • Favorite Payment (if Family VA Number or BPJS Card Number has been already registered in Danamon Online Banking)
  4. Choose the payment category, then choose Insurance, and choose the BPJS Kesehatan organization
  5. Enter all the requested data then choose Continue
  6. “Confirm Transaction” screen appears, then enter OTP and click continue
  7. Transaction is finished

Let’s pay your BPJS Fees before the date hits 10 in every month, so that your Health Services won’t get interrupted.

Information: Bank Admin fee is Rp2.500/transaction