FAQ D-Bank Registration


A: D-Bank Registration is an application owned by PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Danamon") and developed especially for new customers to easily open a Danamon account online via their smartphone. New customers may access D-Bank Registration by simply using an email address and mobile number.
A: Danamon Save & Danamon Save iB are products that can be opened through D-Bank Registration – they have various benefits including no admin fee, no transaction fee, and a competitive interest rate. To learn more about the many benefits of Danamon Save,click here and Danamon Save iB click here
A: The customer needs to provide an e-KTP only, then fill in data and information as required on the application. Afterwards, a verification process will be done through video call or by visiting the nearest Danamon branch.
A: The D-Bank Registration application can be accessed on any Android device (min. OS 4.4) and iOS device (min. iOS 10.0), and downloaded on Play Store (for Android users) or AppStore (for iOS users).
A: Customers can access the D-Bank Registration application abroad as long as the his/her smartphone has internet access.
A: D-Bank Registration is accessible 24/7, while verification through video call can be done on Mondays to Saturdays (except on holidays) starting from 08:00AM (WIB) to 09:00PM (WIB).
A: Danamon will send a confirmation email to the registered email address of the customer, and will contain the customer's account number.
A: The time limit to continue the account opening process on D-Bank Registration is due within 14 days from the initial account opening. If within 14 days the customers do not continue the halted account opening process, then the customers have to start over the process on D-Bank Registration from the beginning.

Fitur and Transaction

A: Yes. The customer can claim their Danamon Debit Card at the nearest Danamon branch, or the Danamon Debit Card can be delivered to the registered home or office address of the customer.
A: The delivery of the Danamon Debit Card takes a maximum of 14 working days.
A: The customer can request to collect their Danamon Debit card at the nearest Danamon Branch. If the customer receives their Danamon Debit Card after 14 working days from the date of request to deliver to their registered address, the customer will not be charged. In addition to the conditions above, the customer will be charged IDR 25,000,- for Danamon Debit Card fee and IDR 6,000,- for stamp duty.
A: The only cost incurred is for the internet data used by the customer to access the D-Bank Registration application. The cost of internet data depends on the data provider used by the customer. For more information on transaction costs, click here.
A: After acquiring Danamon account number, the customer may directly do transactions using any Danamon E-channel services, such as mobile banking through D-Bank PRO as well as D-Bank PRO website version through accessinghttps://www.dbank.co.id
A: Daily banking transactions include transfer between accounts and banks, purchase, payment, account opening, deposits, and many more. For more information on what transactions can be done through D-Bank PRO, click here.
A: The customer will receive a monthly e-statement containing their transaction history over the past month. Apart from that, transaction history can also be tracked through the Danamon E-channel services - D-Bank PRO.
A : A customer can top-up their balance by transferring funds from their Danamon account (or other bank accounts) to the account opened through the D-Bank Registration application.
A : A customer can withdraw cash through any Danamon ATM or other bank ATM's by using their Danamon Debit Card that has been given to the customer after they have successfully opened an account through the D-Bank Registration application. Apart from that, the customer can also use the D-Cash feature on D-Bank PRO to withdraw cash from any Danamon ATM without having to use their Danamon Debit Card.
A : The activation of the Danamon Debit Card can be done by a Danamon officer at any Danamon branch (for those customers who choose to claim their Danamon Debit Card at the Danamon branch). For those who opt to have their Danamon Debit Card delivered to their registered address, activation can be done through the D-Bank Registration application by filling in all required data, including a One Time Password (OTP) that is sent to registered mobile number.
A: The creation of a Danamon Debit Card PIN can be made at the time of activation in the D-Bank Registration application. The PIN will automatically become the TPIN (Telephone PIN) of the customer.

Security Information

A: D-Bank uses a 2 (two) step authentication protocol: a password and One Time Password (OTP). Both must be filled in during the registration process.
A: The customer must keep their password, OTP, and personal data confidential, ensure to install the D-Bank app from a trusted source (Play Store and AppStore), use a secure internet network connection, and properly exit the D-Bank Registration application after finish using it.


A: If the registration process has not been completed, the customer can easily log back in to the D-Bank Registration application to continue the process from the last step they last accessed.
A: Log in can be done on different mobile devices as long as the same registered email address and password are entered.
A: The mobile number registered on D-Bank Registration app will not be changed, even if the customer logs in to the application using a different mobile number.
A: Registration on the D-Bank Registration application can only register 1 (one) time for 1 (one) e-KTP number, 1 (one) mobile number and 1 (one) email address.
A: Proceed to the "reset password" on the link provided under the password column. An OTP will be sent to the customer's registered mobile number before they are able to reset the password.
A: Customers can convey complaints and suggestions via Hello Danamon 1-500-090 or by visiting the nearest Danamon branch.