FAQ D-Bank Registration


  1. What is D-Bank Registration?
    D-Bank Registration is a service owned by PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ("Danamon") that can be used by Customers or Prospective Customers to open Danamon savings accounts online through applications or websites that are accessible daily, 24 hours a day. Users can register on D-Bank Registration using an active e-mail address and cellular phone number. The verification process can be done by E-KYC method, video call or through branches.
  2. What is E-KYC verification? 
    The verification process begins by having the user follow the instructions given by the application. This is followed by the face recognition process. If the E-KYC verification result is successful (1x24 hours), the process of opening a savings account can be continued with the establishment of a savings account. If the E-KYC verification result fails, the savings account opening process can be continued via video call (Monday - Sunday at 08.00 WIB - 21.00 WIB).
  3. What are the requirements for opening a savings account through D-Bank Registration?
    1. D-Bank Registration User is an Indonesian citizen who has an e-KTP and has never been registered as a Danamon customer.
    2. For the verification process, the User needs to prepare documents in the form of e-KTP, have an active e-mail address and cell phone number from an Indonesian provider in order to receive the OTP code.
    3. D-Bank Registration can be accessed through Android (min OS 5.0) or iOS (min iOS 12.0) mobile phones or websites with the latest browser version for the best experience.
    Notes: Registration on D-Bank Registration can only be done 1 (one) time for 1 (one) NIK e-KTP, 1 (one) mobile phone number and 1 (one) email address.
  4. What savings products can be opened through D-Bank Registration?
    Danamon Save and Danamon Save iB products can be opened through D-Bank Registration with many benefits such as free admin fees and transactions in accordance with the provisions with competitive interest rates. To find out the benefits of Danamon Save and Danamon Save iB products, click here.
  5. How will the User know the Danamon savings account number once the account is established?
    Danamon will send the savings account number information via email to the email address registered by the User.
  6. If the User has not yet finished the account opening process through D-Bank Registration, can the User continue it at a later time?
    The User can login again to D-Bank Registration to continue the account opening process from the last page accessed by the User.
  7. Can the User login to D-Bank Registration from a different cell phone than when registering?
    Login to D-Bank Registration can be done on a different cell phone and use the email address and password that has been registered.
  8. If the User logs into D-Bank Registration using a different cell phone number, will the User's cell phone number registered in D-Bank Registration automatically change?
    The mobile number registered on D-Bank Registration will not change if the Customer logs in to D-Bank Registration using a different mobile number.
  9. What should the User do if the User forgets the D-Bank Registration password?
    Reset the password on the link available under the password column. An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number before the User can reset the password.
  10. How much does it cost to use D-Bank Registration?
    Opening an account through D-Bank Registration is free of charge. However, internet data fees are required for the User to access the application. The internet data fee depends on the data service used.


  1. Can customers make transactions after getting a Danamon account number?
    After obtaining a Danamon account number, the customer can immediately make transactions through D-Bank PRO. Details of transactions that can be done through D-Bank PRO services can be seen here..
  2. Will the customer get a Danamon debit card?
    Yes. The Danamon debit card will be sent to the home/office address or can be picked up at the nearest Danamon branch, as stated in D-Bank Registration. More detailed information about the debit card can be seen here.. 



  1. What if there is a system/technical disruption when users access D-Bank Registration?
    Users can access D-Bank Registration periodically to check if the system has returned to normal. Users can also contact Hello Danamon.
  2. Where can users submit complaints and suggestions?
    Users can submit complaints on banking products/services verbally or in writing through the nearest branch office of the Bank or Hello Danamon which can be accessed 24/7 by telephone at 1-500-090 or by e-mail at hellodanamon@danamon.co.id.
    Procedures regarding customer complaint services can be accessed through the website https://www.danamon.co.id/id/Personal/Lainnya/Proses-Penanganan-Keluhan-Nasabah.