D-BisMart is a banking application from Danamon for business owners in the supply chain community, to provide ease and comfort in transactions on running the wheels of your business in one hand. Through D-BisMart, Anchor (Seller) and Retailer (Purchaser) can do business transaction anywhere without seeing face-to-face because the need to place an order, payment and delivery confirmation can be accessed easily.

Check below to see information about D-BisMart:


Promoting new products faster and more efficient. Utilizing transaction features in digital platforms that can be accessed at any time. Monitor item orders and purchases. All transaction can be done without using any cash (cashless).

Get the latest information on the availability of products needed. Order products online. Payment of orders can be done without the need to carry any cash (cashless) and leave the place of business.

To enjoy the easiness of D-BisMart, here are the Service Participation Requirements:
1. Anchor and Retailer is a business community with products that has a great reputation.
2. Anchor and Retailer runs their business according to their business profile.
3. Anchor and Retailer has an account in Danamon.
4. Anchor signs the D-BisMart Service Registration Form, and agree to the General Terms and Conditions that apply, and recommend Retailers to Danamon.
5. Upon recommendation from Anchor, the Retailer signs the D-BisMart Service Registration Form, and approves the General Terms and Conditions.
6. After Danamon receives the complete documents and is signed by an authorized officials, Anchor and Retailers can download and install the D-BisMart application on the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Furthermore, Anchor and Retailer are ready to transact using D-BisMart.
To be able to access the D-BisMart Application :
1. Retailer must use a smartphone with minimal specification of Android 4.4 or iOS 8.
2. For Anchors, use a PC compute with minimal specification of CPU: Dual Core 1.2GHz.
3. Uses either Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo, or XL as a provider that is still registered and active.
4. Uses data services (internet).
5. Have a valid and active email address to be registered in Danamon’s system.
1. Danamon does not charge fees for the use of D-BisMart application services to both Anchor and Retailers.
2. One Time Password (OTP) SMS fee will be charged to the Retailer in each payment process. The amount of OTP costs follows the provisions of each telecommunications provider.
1. If there is a disruption to the D-BisMart service caused by the application system, the Customer can conduct commercial activities as well as payment outside the application.
2. If the customer fails to receive payment OTP SMS, the customer can request a maximum of 10 (ten) SMS OTP submissions per order.
3. If the application user forgets the password, the “forgot password” button can be used to reset the password independently.
1. Make sure you download D-BisMart application through the official website designated by Danamon.
2. Use data that corresponds to the data that you have registered with the Danamon system.
3. Keep your User ID and Password confidential.
4. Avoid using / creating passwords that are easily known to others, such as your date of birth.
5. Always use a smartphone with a cellphone number and e-mail that has been registered with the system to transact.
For further information, contact Customer Care Hello Danamon at 1-500-090
*Conversation fees are according to operator specific rates.