Trade Supplier Financing

Trade Supplier Financing is a financial scheme to the chosen supplier where Bank Danamon takes the payment risks of the buyer.


  • For the Buyer:
    - Increasing business relationship quality with the Supplier
    - Possibility in payment period extension to the Supplier.
  • For the Supplier:
    - Gaining fund quicker without any credit facilities or collateral required from the bank.


  • Risk for the Buyer:
    Risk of the Supplier do not perform as the agreement. This may be mitigated with signing money order after ensuring the Supplier performance.
  • Risk for the Supplier:
    Risk of the Supplier will not receive early payment when the Buyer do not accept the money order.


Requirements for the Buyer:

  1. Having an account in Bank Danamon;
  2. Signing Credit Agreement for Trade Supplier Financing facility;
  3. Giving recommendation on the Supplier.

Requirements for the Supplier:

  1. Having an account in Bank Danamon;
  2. Reccomended by the Buyer to join the Trade Supplier Financing structure.


For information/customer service of transaction/banking services, customers may call Hello Danamon on 1-500-090.


  • Pricing for every customer may be different depending on the risk level of the customer. All bill will be debited from the customer’s account.
  • The total cost will be informed to the customer on the service application and be attached to the signed contract.