Shipping Guarantee

Shipping Guarantee is a guarantee provided to the Shipper of the Applicant request so the Applicant may get product/load from the port before the Bill of Lading is available.


  • For the Applicant:
    Able to take product/load from the port before Bill of Lading is available.
  • For the Shipper:
    Guaranteed from the claim of a party that claiming an authority to take product/load also hand over Bill of Lading document.


The Applicant Risk
The fleet proposes claim of issued Shipping Guarantee. The risk may be mitigated by the Customer while providing the original Bill of Lading to withdraw the Shipping Guarantee that has been handed over.


The Applicant requirements:

  1. Having an account in Bank Danamon
  2. Signing Credit Agreement for Shipping Guarantee facility.
  3. Providing Collateral Asset as required.
  4. Only apply to Letter of Credit or SKBDN that is issued by Bank Danamon.

For information/customer service of transaction/banking services, customers may call Hello Danamon on 1-500-090.


  • Pricing for every customer may be different depending on the risk level of the customer. All bill will be debited from the customer’s account.
  • The total cost will be informed to the customer on the service application and be attached to the signed contract.