Kredit Angsuran Berjangka - Asset Based

What is Term Loan ABF ?

TL ABF is a loan facility that is repaid in regular payments over a set period of time with selective productive asset as main collateral.

ABF has 4 main products as follows :

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Commercial Transportation Vehicle
  • General Asset Finance
  • Machineries (Printing Machine, Machine tools, Thermoforming, etc)
  • Material Handling
  • Marine

What is the benefit of Term Loan ABF ?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Productive asset  as main collateral
  • Bigger plafond (as per respective LoB)
  • Available for new unit, used unit & refinancing
  • Available for Conventional & Syariah structured financing (incl. leasing scheme)
  • Tax incentive from depreciation acceleration policy for leasing.


Terms & Conditions


PO, Invoice, Contracts, Certificate of Ownership

Structured Financing

Term Loan ABF / KAB ABF – Conventional & Syariah (IMBT & Murabahah)

Product / Collateral

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Commercial Transportation Vehicle – Truck
  • General Asset Finance – Machineries & Material Handling
  • Marine – Ship / vessel

Loan Amount

Based on segment (SME, Commercial & Wholesale Banking)

Loan Currency

IDR, USD and SGD (natural hedge)

Loan to Value

Average 80%


Based on product / collateral – maximum 72 months

Payment Method

Monthly equal installmentof principal payment