If you are looking for investment instruments that can provide potential fixed returns with a relatively low level of risk, Bank Danamon offers you solutions through investments in a series of bonds.

Bonds are long-term bonds issued by the government or companies to holders of bonds in return for a certain amount of yield or coupon. The term of the Bonds depends on each series of Bonds issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Type of Bond

Bank Danamon currently only markets bonds issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia consisting of:

  • Indonesian Government bonds in Rupiah and foreign currencies.
    Is a securities in the form of debt instruments issued in Rupiah and foreign currency, where payment of principal and yield is guaranteed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with the validity period.
    Indonesian and Indonesian Rupiah denominated bonds that are currently available at Bank Danamon are Fixed Rate Bonds (FR) and USD Government Bonds (Indon, Indois series).
    This product is suitable for:
    • You want fixed-rate investments paid every 6 (six) months to maturity in either Rupiah or foreign currency and also expect the potential profit from rising investment product prices.
    • You who want a liquid and risk-free investment default up to maturity as guaranteed by law.
  • Retail Indonesia Government Bonds in Rupiah.
    Is securities sold to individuals or individuals of Indonesian Citizens on the Primary Market and in the Secondary Market through Selling Agents appointed by the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia, where payments on principal and yields to maturity are guaranteed by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.
    This product is suitable for:
    • You who want an investment in Rupiah with a fixed rate of return paid every month to maturity, and can be traded on the Secondary Market except for certain types of products *.
    • You who want a risk-free investment fail to pay up to maturity as guaranteed by law.

Indonesian Retail Government Bonds can be further classified into 4 types:

  • Retail State Bonds (ORI)
  • Retail State Sukuk (SR), issued in accordance with Islamic principles
  • Saving Bonds Retail (SBR) *
  • Sukuk Tabungan (ST)*, issued in accordance with Islamic principles

*Especially for Saving Bonds Retail (SBR) and Sukuk Savings (ST) cannot be traded in the Secondary Market.


  • Fixed Income
    Investorss get a fixed income investment income in the form of coupons paid each coupon payment period
  • Constitution Guaranted
    Payment of coupons and principal up to maturity is guaranteed by the Law on Government Securities (SUN) and funds are provided in the State Budget (APBN) annually.
  • Information Transparency
    Bond price announcement announced in the newspaper and website of the Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management of the Ministry of Finance, to enable investors to monitor the progress of their investments on a regular basis.
  • Liquidity
    Investors can sell their bonds at any time according to market conditions, making it easier for investors to manage their cash.

General Requirements

  1. Bank Danamon only acts as a Selling Agent, Bond is NOT a product of Bank Danamon so that it is NOT guaranteed by Bank Danamon, NOT a part of third party deposits that are bound for a certain period and NOT included in the scope of the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS) guarantee program; contains investment risk including loss of all invested capital; and therefore Bank Danamon shall not be liable and shall have no liability whatsoever on the impairment of investment value or any losses arising from such investment.
  2. Before buying Bond, the Customer must read and understand the Product Information Summary.
  3. Historical performance is not an indication of future results, investment value may rise or fall due to price fluctuations according to market conditions.
  4. This information is only a summary of the features and characteristics of the product information and therefore cannot be considered as a complete product information document, and cannot be considered as an offer, recommendation, request for any transaction or hedging, trading, or investment strategy, dealing with any securities or financial instruments.
  5. Transacting foreign currencies carries the risk of foreign exchange market movements. You are required to read and understand the risks associated with the transaction before transacting with Bank Danamon. Bank Danamon is not liable for any losses you may incur on the decision you made.
  6. Please contact our Relationship Manager to get more complete information.

*Bank Danamon is a Bank that is registered and supervised by the OJK Regulator.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Open a Danamon Account.
  2. Fill out and complete the necessary documents 
  3. NPWP Card and SIUP

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