Application Programming Interfaces - API

Application Programming Interfaces – API Central is a product which allows interaction between applications from Third Parties and Bank Danamon's banking services


  1. Sandbox API as a place to perform application simulations.
  2. Dummy data to describe information services and banking transactions.
  3. Secret access identity includes API key, API secret, Client ID, Client Secret for API service access and simulation in Sandbox.
  4. Invitation code for more complete API catalog access.

API Service:
  1. Overbooking 
  2. SKN 
  3. RTGS 
  4. Online transfer 
  5. VA register 
  6. VA register with Bill
  7. Payment to VA 
  8. VA inquiry 
  9. Inquiry status transaction 
  10. Inquiry balance 
  11. Inquiry name 
  12. Inquiry name other bank 
  13. Inquiry statement 
  14. FSC




More detailed information about Application Programming Interfaces – API
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