Application Programming Interfaces - API

API Central is service that provides API (Application Programming Interfaces) developed by Bank Danamon that is possible to interaction between Application from third party with banking services Bank Danamon. 

Main Feature:

  • API Sandbox 
  • API Sandbox as place to do an application simulation.
  • Dummy data for describe banking information and transaction service.
  • Secret access identification such as API Key, API secret, Client ID, Client Secret for access API service and simulation in Sandbox.
  • Invitation code for access complete API catalog.

Produk API :

At the moment, API Product available are Host to Host Virtual Account and Host to Host Fund Transfer product. In the future, there are more various API service for banking information and transaction.

API Host to Host Virtual Account

API Host to Host Fund Transfer

Virtual Account Registered

Inquiry Account Name

Virtual Account Registered + Bill

Inquiry Account Balance

Deactivate Virtual Account

Transfer Transaction between Bank Danamon Accounts (source account CASA)

Transfer Transaction between Bank in IDR currency via SKN/RTGS*

*invitation user Only.

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