Cash Pickup and Delivery Service

The Bank offers cash collection/ delivery services (rupiah and foreign currency) and/ or check (which is already and not yet effective) from/ to the location of the customer by the Bank or a Third Party in collaboration with the Bank as per the agreement that has been agreed upon.

There are 3 types of cash calculations, such as:

  1. Count on Site (COS)

    Handover method between the Customer and Bank/ Third Party custodian where the cash calculation carried out by Bank/ Third Party is counted in detail for a particular denomination at customer’s location. Foreign currency will be calculated in detail without denominational limitation at the customer’s location.

  2. Said to Contain (STC)

    Handover method between the Customer and Bank/ Third Party where the cash calculation carried by Third Party is counted at the Bank Danamon or Third Party location.

  3. Bulk Bundle Count (BBC)

    Handover method between the Customer and Third Party which is counted in bundle at the customer’s location by a Third Party.


  1. Time Efficiency as customers do not need to go to the Bank.
  2. Reduce the risk of cash withdrawal/ deposit.
  3. Security is guaranteed because the money taken/ delivered is insured.
  4. Flexible time for cash pick up and delivery.


  1. Customers can avoid the risk of handing the money to the unauthorized party as below:
    • Checking the officer staff ID in comparison to the list of current updated officers.
    • Ensure that the customers receive the handover slip.
  2. Customer need to always ensure that the cash pick up/ delivery fund has been credited/ debited by regularly checking on the account statement.


  1. Open account in Bank Danamon
  2. Sign cooperation agreement


  1. Customer signed Cooperation Agreement with Bank Danamon.
  2. Bank/ third party officer comes to the Customers location.
  3. Customer hands over the money to the Bank/ third party officer.
  4. Customer receives handover slip of third party.
  5. Customer checks transaction and balance in account


For further information/ complaint over Bank Danamon Cash Pick up/ Delivery service, customer can contact Cash Management Client  Service at number 021-3785307.


The cost for each customer may vary depending on the choice of location, frequency, type of service and the amount of money. All fees incurred will be debited directly from the customer’s account.

The amount of the total cost to the customer will be informed at the time of applying for the service and is set forth in the signed agreement.