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BISA Qurban iB Savings

Easy facility, freedom of transaction
Giro Bisa iB is a current account based on the principle of Wadiah (deposit) and Mudharabah (revenue sharing). Withdrawals can be done at any time using checks, giro, other payment tools or by transfers.

• 24 hours account information and transactions services via Phone Banking Danamon Access Center (DAC).
• Can conduct transactions (cash deposit, cash withdrawal, account transfer and transfer) in all Danamon.branches of both Sharia and Conventional
• Get cash@work service or Internet Banking Danamon (optional).
• Free monthly administration fee.
• No provision of minimum Balance for contract Wadiah, except for contract Mudharabah.
• Free ATM prime card (Special for Individuals Customer) and free ATMs fees.
• Easy Balance Check transactions and cash withdrawals at ATM machines Danamon, ATM Bersama, ALTO, Cirrus, DBS, POS Bank Singapore.
• Danamon Sharia ATM card can be used to make transfers between member banks of ALTO, ATM Bersama at Danamon ATM machine.
• Danamon Sharia ATM Card also serves as a Debit Card that can be used to shop at merchants bearing the MasterCard, Maestro and MasterCard Electronic.

• Enable you to manage the company's cash flow.
• Facilitate your business transactions with Danamon's extensive branch network and online real time
• Supported by advanced technology for your transaction convenience.