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Internet Banking

Danamon Online Banking

Danamon Online Banking, the latest generation of internet banking, allows you to enjoy internet banking transaction with just 3 clicks and other innovative benefits:
  • Free of charge for SKN/LLG & RTGS transfer transaction (until December 31, 2012).
  • Free of charge for Online transfer - ATM Bersama/ALTO transaction (until September 30, 2012).
  • Flexibility with SMS token besides the hardware token.
  • The first Bank in Indonesia with EV-SSL certification from VeriSign; the Highest standard in the Internet security industry for website identity authentication.
  • Easy registration through any Danamon ATM/Internet.

The services and support provided are:
  • Account balance enquiry and transaction history
  • Funds transfer within Danamon accounts (same currency) and to other bank's accounts (Online – ATM Bersama/ALTO, LLG, RTGS – IDR only)
  • Credit Card Payments: Danamon, HSBC, Citibank, ANZ, American Express® Charge Card, BNI, Permata/GE, CIMB Niaga, BCA, Mandiri, Bank Mega, BII, BRI, Standard Chartered, UOB, OCBC NISP, Panin, Bukopin and ICBC
  • Telkom bill payments
  • PLN bill payments
  • Bill payment post paid Cell-phone: Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, 3 and Esia
  • Bill Payment for pay television: Indovision
  • Installment Payment: Oto Multi Artha and Summit Oto Finance
  • Bill Payment for tuition fees: Bina Sarana Informatika
  • Bill Payment for insurance: ADIRA Insurance
  • Online Purchase: DealKeren-livingsocial
  • Cell-phones balance top ups: IM3, Simpati Telkomsel, Mentari, XL, Esia, AS, Flexi, Smartfren and Axis
  • PLN Prepaid Purchase
  • Transaction notifications through SMS and E-mail
  • Online statements (Savings account, Account Statement, Credit Card, American Express® Charge Card)

How to register:
A. Online Registration
  1. Select the "Online Registration" menu on the Bank Danamon Internet Banking website (
  2. Select the type of card and fill in the data requested by the system
  3. Temporary User ID* will be sent through an e-mail and your temporary Password* will be sent through an SMS
B. Registration through ATM
  1. Go to "Others" menu and select "Electronic Banking"
  2. Select "Online Banking Registration" menu
  3. Enter your cell-phone number (XL, Telkomsel, Indosat, Telkom Flexi or 3 Hutchison)
  4. Temporary User ID* will be noted on the printed receipt provided by Danamon ATM when you register, and your temporary Password* will be sent through an SMS
*Temporary User ID and Password must be used within a period of fourteen (14) days. If it exceeds that time, the Customer should reregister to get a new temporary User ID and Password.

Token Options
SMS Token
Token Device
A One-Time Password that serves as a Secret Code sent by the Bank via an SMS to the cell-pbone number you submitted
A small handheld device that generates and displays a secret code in the form of Challenge Response or One Time Password (OTP)
Easy to use, the code will be sent to your cell-pnone number
It can be used anywhere and doesn't depend on operators signal
SMS Token is mostly used by active and dynamic customers
Could be used by customers located in places having low signal strength of cell phone

Easy Online Shopping Payment with Danamon.

Enjoy the new feature from Danamon Online Banking for hassle free online shopping payment at your favorite websites.
Simple, because you do not have to register, just use your current User ID and Password (Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking) for your online shopping transactions.
Secure, with international standard EV SSL Certificate, HTTPS Host Security and 8 digits OTP (One Time Password) Token.

3 Simple Steps Online Shopping:
  • Open a merchant’s site, make a purchase and select Danamon Online Banking for your Payment Method.
  • Enter your Danamon Online Banking User ID and Password. Select Your Source Account; do re-check your purchase(s) before confirmed your payment by entered 8 digits Token.
  • You will get a confirmation of completed payment transactions, then you can select Next button to return to the merchant's site.


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