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Hello Danamon


Hello Danamon - Layanan Perbankan 24 jam sehari

Hello Danamon is a Danamon’s 24-hour banking services that provides customers and prospective customers the latest information on Danamon’s products and services. Please dial Hello Danamon at 1-500-090 for all of your banking services to check account balance, account mutation, to change your telephone PIN, and to talk to our customer service.
How to contact Hello Danamon:

  • Dial 1-500-090 (without area code) from your fixed line (home/office).
  • Dial 1-500-090 (without area code) from your cellular phone (from any area in Indonesia). Local call charges apply.
  • Dial (+62)  (21) 23546100 from overseas.

Dispute Trancastion Credit Card or Debit Card

Any Dispute transaction should be reported to our call center Hello Danamon 1500 – 090 (24/7) or by email or Tweet @Hello Danamon.


Dispute transaction request should be confirm in written by using our form which can be downloaded below.


Please send the complete form attached with any supporting document to our email or fax 021-235468000. Attachment file allowed should not exceed 4MB and don't forget to inform your dispute report reference number.


Download the dispute form :



Debit Card