Kredit Modal Kerja

Credit facility to provide working capital needs for business lifecycle and / or working capital needs with specific purpose such as to finance the inventory / account receivable / projects.

• Fast process.
• Possible to take over from other bank.
• Credit limits up to IDR 10 billion.
• Currency Loan in IDR (for KRK/Overdraft Facility), USD or SGD.
• Tenor up to 1 (one) year and renewable.
• Flexible in type of credit, Revolving (KRK/ Overdraft Facility, KB/Demand Loan) and Non-Revolving (KAB/Installment Loan)

• Minimum 2 years in business.
• Legal documents such as: KTP, Kartu Keluarga, Akta Pernikahan, Akta Pendirian Perusahaan, NPWP, SIUP, SITU, TDP, and SKDU.
• Certificate of Collateral Ownership and latest PBB for fixed asset.