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Trade Finance

We facilitate your financing needs, manage your risks and give you the much-needed certainty in conducting exports and imports.

Our large nationwide coverage combined with International alliances will you in pursuing your business objectives effectively.

Letter of Credit

Based on the Letter of Credit (L/C), the bank will give a guarantee/certainty to repay the exporter while providing guarantee to the buyer (importer) that the payment will only be carried out upon the delivery of goods specified in the L/C and the documents according to the requirements and conditions in the said L/C.

Incoming Collection Services

Danamon provides services to manage documents from the documentary collections sent by the Remitting Bank to Danamon that acts as the Collecting Bank or Presenting Bank.

Incoming Collection Avalization

Offering facility to customer in a combination form between Incoming Collection Service plus avalization by Danamon over the acceptance of the withdrawal.

Shipping Guarantee

Shipping Guarantee provides facility to importer (over the LC issued by Danamon) for obtaining authority over the goods from the shipping company when the Bill of Lading has yet received by the bank while the goods have already arrived at the respective jetty.

Clean L/C Negotiation

Facility for beneficiary in the form of negotiating the documents that are in accordance to the term and conditions stipulated in the L/C/SKBDN (clean documents / compliance).

Discrepant L/C Negotiation

Facility for beneficiary in the form of negotiating the documents that are not in accordance to the term and conditions stipulated in the L/C (non compliance).

Outgoing Collection Services

Services offered by Danamon to manage documents of the documentary collection with Danamon acting as the Remitting Bank.

Transferable L/C

The facility is used to facilitate traders that act as the intermediary (1st beneficiary of the L/C to obtain benefits through the exchange of invoice over the basic transferable L/C. Transferable L/C can be transferred from the first beneficiary to one or more 2nd beneficiary.

Trade Finance Risk Participation

A product that offers transaction to transfer part or all counter party risk of the underlying trade finance transaction through incoming or outgoing risk; funded or unfunded; silent or disclosed; with or without recourse; with the signing of the offer letter between the seller bank and the buyer bank, with the prior signing of the Framework Agreement.

L/C Financing

Danamon has two Import LC Financing (ILF) products, which are: (1) Import LC Financing Sight and (2) Import LC Financing Usance.

Import L/C Financing Sight

A financing facility provided to customers in the form of a combination of an Sight Import L/C and a financing facility. The finacing is rawn automatically upon the maturity of the Sight L/C.

Import L/C Financing Usance

A financing facility provided to customers combining L/C Import Usance with payable at sight clause and financing facilities. The finacing is drawn automatically at sight to the financing bank.

Financing Against TR

Short term financing for importers to fulfill their working capital needs and repay their liabilities to their suppliers that have reached maturity based on L/C or Collection. Financing will be given upon submission of Trust Receipt as a legal document.

Pre-shipment Financing under L/C/PO

Short term financing available for exporters to fulfill their working capital needs (purchasing raw materials, production activities and others) before shipment related to the export schedule and such financing can be given either based on L/C or Purchase Order.

Outgoing Collection Financing

Offering financing facility to customers based on Outgoing Collection transaction.

Open Account Financing

Financing facility provided to buyer/importer or seller/exporter with the underlying transaction of an Open Account domestically or internationally.

Bank-on-Bank Banker’s Acceptances Financing (BoBBBAF)

Trade finance product that allows Danamon to receive short term financing from other financial institution, based on Danamon’s acceptence of an underlying trade finance transaction. The transaction could be an import or export transaction that has not yet been financed, and has remaining tenor between 30 days to 180 days.

Bank Guarantee/SBLC

Danamon provides written pledge over the customer’s authority to the respective party on a given contract and guarantees the payment claim on the Bank’s Guarantee whenever such liabilities are not paid.

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